Oct 192017

I could have sworn that these two images had been taken in Carinthia – and I would have been wrong. They are in the same folder as yesterday’s, and I know for sure that that one has been taken in Vienna 🙂

Yeasterday’s has been taken in the morning, these two in the afternoon. I have no idea where exactly.

Oct 172017

When we arrived at the church, it was actually closed. By chance a nun cleaning in the interior saw us, opened the door, invited us in, gave us lots of background information and finally showed us the baptistery, a room normally closed even at opening times. That’s where I made this image. It’s not only a lucky one, it’s also one I’m proud of 🙂

Oct 152017

Croatia doesn’t have the Euro yet. With all the anti-EU propaganda around, it is not yet clear if they’ll ever get it.

I sure wish they would do though, and along the way they should also become a member of the Schengen treaty. Both would make travelling so much easier.

The second image is of a tourist boat in Rovinj’s harbor. It’s not a particularly good image, but it’s cute and gives a nice color contrast to the Image of the Day.

Oct 122017

Vienna is normally two weeks ahead of Carinthia, vegetation-wise. Although Carinthia is slightly south of Vienna, 250 meters of altitude make a difference. Here we are in Croatia, further south and on sea level as well.

It’s always a joy driving down to the sea in early spring and seeing flowers aplenty.

Oct 112017

Do you remember images that you’ve taken? Normally I do, especially those that I’ve decided to post-process. Of course I remember this image as well. I remember the place, the time of day, everything, but it feels like it had been ages ago.

Munich is some time ago, but it definitely feels like “this year”. Even the ice images from January feel closer than this one. Why? I have no idea.