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3622 – The Rusty Old Bike

There’s a deplorable scarcity of bicycles where I live and work now. You’ve heard my lament 🙂

On the other hand, sometimes you find them where you wouldn’t expect it. Here for instance is one mounted to the top of a fence at a restaurant.

There was really no good angle for a decent background. I let the 75/1.8 take care of the problem. The lines in the background are from the railing of a bridge. Unfortunately nothing could be done about them. Cloning was out of the question 🙂

3619 – On a Small Bridge

I write this text on my way to Vienna. For Thursday, Amazon has promised me delivery of a new toy. Chances are, I already have it when you read this post.

Remember my speculations about this fall’s gadgets? Hmm … speculating must have put me in the mood 🙂

I knew I would buy it some time, but actually I expected to buy it used in a year or so. Anyway, I finally ordered an Olympus PEN-F! Who would have thought that? I certainly wouldn’t 😀

3618 – Cool Waters

I’m growing old. On a free day in Vienna I thought I’d take some images of waterfalls.

They don’t come aplenty around Vienna, but there are a few not far away to the south. Myrafälle (Myra Falls) they are called, and they are quite a tourist attraction.

Lots of people queue at the entrance in the lower part of the gorge. The way through is extremely busy, but if you’re patient, it’s definitely possible to get some images that look like “wilderness”.

Of course it was not the right time of the day, at least if you’re looking for silky water. On the other hand, using a tripod in that location would have been completely impossible anyway, therefore even a very strong neutral density filter wouldn’t have been an option. I took my images with small apertures instead (most of the time f10) and tried to avoid the most contrastful areas.

The funny thing is, and that’s the reason why I say I’m growing old, it took me all the way through the gorge to realize that I had already been there once. I don’t remember when though.

I know that I must have turned around somewhere after the middle, because I don’t remember the – rather unspectacular – upper part, where the gorge widens and you follow a small and quiet creek.

Actually I don’t remember having taken photographs either, so it may have been sometime around 2000 or even earlier. In any case I found the experience of that memory loss a little bit spooky 🙂

3559 – A Golden Place

Allow me one last look into the orangerie. I promise it’s the last time, ok?

It is the one without plants in it, the one with the benches, the one used for events. The distortion of the glass, the rich, filtered light on the wood inside, all that makes this a magic golden place. Unfortunately one that we’re locked out of, but I suppose that’s part of the magic 🙂

3556 – The Lazy Lion

Do you use filters? I don’t. Of course I’ve done it in the past, and in the beginning I even used “protection filters” on all my lenses.

No more. I’ve spent a fortune on such protection, certainly more than the worth of a few lenses, and in the few cases a lens fell, normally I got away with scratches and maybe a damaged lens shade. One lens took some damage that made manual focus sound like the lens were broken (though AF still worked silently and flawlessly) and in one case the plastic lens barrel broke. None of this would have been prevented by a “protective filter”.

It’s different with polarizers and ND filters. I appreciate their value, I know when and how to use them – and I still don’t do it. Too much hassle. Take this image. I needed f2.8 (the widest my Olympus 60 mm macro goes) for some background blur, but on that bright day I was already at 1/8000 s and ISO 160. I was lucky. A little more light and I would have needed an ND filter or a polarizer. I think I don’t have one for the 60/2.8, and if I had had one, I most likely wouldn’t have had it with me on that day trip.

3555 – The Garden Stairs IV

In Lightroom I tag everything that’s destined to go on the blog with “manessinger.com”. I also have a “smart collection” listing all images tagged as such. This way it is easy to have an overview of what I’ve already processed.

In some cases I change my mind and don’t use the picture. Then I don’t remove the tag, I just add the picture to a collection “not used on blog”. In the past I sometimes went back to that collection in times of need, but today, due to not automatically discarding what I can’t use the day that I’ve shot it, I always have enough images processed in advance. At the moment 244 images wait in line – and I’m not even through with Provence 🙂

Yesterday I have added another smart collection in Lightroom. It shows images that end with “.jpg” (lower case, the JPGs from the camera use upper case) and that don’t have the tag “manessinger.com”. Basically these are processed images that I’ve not marked for usage. In a few cases this is intentional, in most cases I’ve simply forgot to tag them. Today’s image is one of the latter category, found just in time to be used in this series of stairs images 😀