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4008 – Newspapers for Free!

Vienna has two newspapers that are distributed at underground stations for free. They are also the worst kind of newspapers imaginable. Still, people read them and they even have political influence. It’s hard to understand, but it’s harder to argue with facts. Although, the whole concept of facts seems to be of diminishing importance today 🙂

1948 – Waste Of Words II

I’m on the train to Carinthia again, this is the post for yesterday.

While the image of the scooter has really be taken on Thursday, the Image of the Day is one day older. Somehow I liked it too much to fold it into Wednesday’s “Monster” post, and I thought I might need it for Thursday anyway.

Fact is I didn’t, the scooter with the red ribbon would have been OK as well. I could have postponed the image even further, on weekends for instance I’m frequently in need of an image, but then, I like it so much that I’m eager to get it out.

The Song of the Day is one more time “Waste Of Words” from the 2005 De-Phazz album “Natural Fake”. I’ve already used it in “1891 – Waste Of Words” with an image taken at the same place. Hear it on YouTube.

1855 – The Sunday Papers

Instead of an image made on Tuesday, here’s another Sunday image. It’s a little unfortunate, because yesterday I was outside shortly to visit the doctor and buy some medication and food. It was a bright, cold, sunny day and it was the first day of winter. Not according to the calendar, but you know what I mean, there is always some day in the year when it feels and smells and looks like winter, when the light is clear and milky at the same time, when the sun is up and gives no warmth, when you feel that winter has begun.

I didn’t have the camera with me, made no image, and probably I wouldn’t have been able to make it come across anyway. It may have been a smell thing 🙂

But back to this picture. You know, Austria is a catholic country and a country that has always been easy to rule. No revolutions around here. Contrary to other even more catholic countries like Italy, the shops in Austria have always been closed on Sundays. It’s been kind of a consensus through the whole society. Which brings up the question how Sunday papers are sold, and this is how they are. We call those bags, mounted to some fence, with something like a small saving box on top, “Stumme Verkäufer” (“mute sellers”).

I can remember them from my childhood and I can remember some people looking out of their windows, looking for people who took a newspaper without dropping money in. It was a perfect topic for rural gossip. “Have you heard? So-and-so is stealing newspapers! I’ve seen it with my own eyes!”.

Which may have been true or not. Recently I was asked if the mute sellers still exist around here and I couldn’t tell. Really, you see something all your life, something that you’re not interested in and have no use for, and you blend it away. Fact is, they do exist, only the prices have risen significantly 🙂

The Song of the Day is “The Morning Papers” from Prince’s 1992 “Love Symbol” album. Hear it on YouTube. I’ve already used the song for the oversaturated atrocity that was “265 – As I Went Out For The Morning Papers“. Oh well, we all learn, do we?

680 – Two Of A Kind

What’s that you ask? Well, that is one way how newspapers are sold in Austria on weekends. Pouches with newspapers are mounted at signposts, with an attached receptacle for money, and people who take a paper are expected to insert the appropriate number of coins. By and large this even seems to work.

I have seen some more mechanic solutions where you would not get the paper without inserting money, but those vending machines seem to not have survived the currency change that happened in 2002, when Austria gave up on its Schilling and embraced the Euro. In fact it was the same with most vending machines in low profit businesses. The cost of adapting the machines to accept the new coins was prohibitive and caused many goods to not be sold this way any more, or in the case of newspapers, it brought a revival of trust. What a nice effect 🙂

The title? Well, those two newspapers “Die Presse” and “Der Standard“, hanging there in concord, are two of the best newspapers in Austria, one strictly conservative, one liberal, and they both compete for the same small market of highly educated people who don’t submit to the yellow press. Of course they try to be different, just look at the colors of the money boxes 🙂

And there is more irony to it. The red sticker in between, reading “Krone Hit Radio”, advertises for a radio station owned by the biggest and one of the worst of Austria’s newspapers, “Kronen Zeitung“. What a rare display of unity.

Let me close with one more bicycle, one more Puch. Both of these images were shot with the Nikon 85/1.8, both wide open. When I left work yesterday (yes, it’s morning again) at 7pm, it was so dark that I decided to change from the slow 70-300 to something real fast, and I feel that the 85 is underused. I’ll be off for work in about an hour, and I’ll keep this lens mounted for now. Weather has not improved anyway.

Some time passes … nope, I will not. I just come from the bathroom, and while I was indulging extensively in the joys of hot water, weather has considerably improved. The sun is shining again, it’s got to be back to the 70-300 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Two Of A Kind” by Memphis Slim. I have it on disc 53 of “The Ultimate Jazz Archive“, but if you look for something more … well … slim, I’d suggest the 1961 album “All Kinds of Blues“.