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3491 – The Caged Mountain

One of the marvels of digital photography is the option to correct perspective. I don’t do it always, but in this case it was inevitable.

I stood in front of that building, a do-it-yourself store, and I took an image of the reflection in the upper story window. The angle was quite steep, the distortion extreme, but I believe it took not more than a button click on Lightroom’s automatic correction to give me this image, devoid of my own reflection.

2818 – Give It To Me Straight

Always the same song? Doesn’t it get boring? Right, thought so 🙂

We’re in Switzerland now. The northern third of Lago Maggiore is in Switzerland, and the main city at the lake is Locarno.

Locarno is neither a very interesting nor a very beautiful city. Not that it’s ugly, but somehow it lacks something special.

But, wait a minute, there is something. The city itself is small with an old but unspectacular Visconti castle, some mediocre churches, but where the mountains rise, their sides are covered with luxurious residences. Everyone of these thousands of houses has an incredible look on the lake, because none of them has anything in front.

There is a pilgrim church high on the mountain. It was drizzling, thus I did not go in, but on the image to the left you see what it looks like. Once it stood along at that height, today this is the only view that mercifully hides the apartment buildings around it.

The Song of the Day is “Give It To Me Straight” by The Locarnos. Hear it on YouTube.

2649 – Double Cross

Here are some more images from last sunny Sunday, taken at the cemetery of Sternberg, the church on a rock above the fog.

These are likely among my last pictures with the Panasonic Lumix G 20/1.7 ASPH. The new Olympus 25/1.8 is rumored to be presented on January, 29, first leaked pictures of the lens are online, and it seems to be a plastic lens, in build more like the 45/1.8 than the 17/1.8. Well, if it is comparable in quality, I will certainly buy it, and if it is not, there’s always the Panaleica 25/1.4, waiting to be bought again 🙂

In the meantime I don’t care much. I’m back to the convenience of the 12-40/2.8 zoom, and apart from the fact that it is not as fast as the primes, it is second to none in quality.

The Song of the Day is “Double Cross” from Mary Coughlan’s 1985 debut album “Tired & Emotional”. Hear it on YouTube.

2648 – Heavens Above

When I set out to take images on a foggy day in Villach, I knew I would just have to drive up Mount Dobratsch, and regardless of how high the top of the fog is, 1700 meters are always enough.

But then, some bluish quality of light made me assume that the top of the fog couldn’t be very high and even a hundred meters would probably suffice. So it was.

I drove to Sternberg, a church on a rock between Velden and Villach, and though it was only hardly out of the fog, it was enough to make my day.

Of course I was not alone. The bench in front of the church was full of people enjoying the warm sun. While I was there, I took several images of the constantly rising fog. Three of them are here. They are not that different, but it’s really a sight that I can’t get enough of, especially at this time of the year.

The Song of the Day is “Heavens Above” from the much maligned Style Council album “The Cost Of Loving”. Hear it on YouTube.

2637 – White Winter Hymnal II

I did buy the 20/1.7 yesterday, but before you see the first images taken with it, I just have to use a few more taken with the 12-40/2.8.

Winter, mountains and sunlight, that always fills my heart with joy, especially now that I sit on a train, rolling through a rainy night towards Vienna.

In the meantime I have finally sold my OM-D E-M5 – for a very low price. This was everybody’s Camera of the Year last year, and now an amount of 480€ was all I got after continuously lowering the price for a month. Seemingly the E-M1 is a big success, but unfortunately especially among E-M5 owners 😀

Anyway, I’m sure the new owner will like the camera, just as I did.

The Song of the Day is once again “White Winter Hymnal“, but this time not by the Fleet Foxes but by Birdy. Hear it on YouTube.

2634 – High On The Mountain II

Still more snow, again these are some images of my short walk to the steep cliffs on the southern side of Mount Dobratsch.

So far we had hardly any snow down here in Villach, but it does not matter. Snow and blue sky trump snow and fog all the time 😀

The Song of the Day is one more time “High On The Mountain” from the Blood, Sweat & Tears album “B, S & T; 4”. Hear it on YouTube.

2632 – High On The Mountain

I’ve promised you snow, here is snow. I had come too late to strive for the very summit, but I could take a side route into an area where you see the steep cliffs on the southern side of Mount Dobratsch.

What else? Oh yes, it’s the end of the year.

Was it a good year?

In general I’d say no. It was a particularly bad year for all the refugees who died at sea, trying to enter a fortified Europe, it was a bad year for the people of Syria, who found themselves as helpless victims of a domestic dictator and of ruthless, cynical foreign politics, and it was a bad year for everyone who up to now has believed in democracy and freedom.

It was the year when Rick Falkvinge plausibly explained why it’s probably too late for the US to stop becoming a police state, and once the dominant empire goes down into plutocratic totalitarianism, hardly any hope is left for the rest of us.

Was it all bad? Personally I can’t say so. I’m working in an interesting project with people I like, I suffer no hardship, I’m healthy and so are the people I love. Things are fine around here.

I even have a new camera. I’ve been using the OM-D E-M1 for about a month now, and although the OM-D E-M5 was a good camera, the E-M1 is better. It has a bigger, better viewfinder, better ergonomics, knows a few new tricks, and in general it gives up nothing of what made the OM-D E-M5 everybody’s Camera of the Year 2012.

No, personally I’m doing well, but, dear governments, can I still have some democracy and freedom please? I swear, I’ll praise you next year. Thanks a lot!

The Song of the Day is “High On The Mountain” from the Blood, Sweat & Tears album “B, S & T; 4”. Hear it on YouTube.