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2416 – Second Nature

Some photographers consider themselves “Nature Photographers” and for them it may make sense. For me not.

Nature can be clearly defined as that which is not created by man. Or woman 🙂

But when you look closer, distinctions begin to blur. Whatever we create, it begins to rot and decay under the influence of nature. Now, when the artificial is unmade in a natural process, it not only becomes nature again, it does so gradually, beginning right from the first instant.

So, when I make images like this, don’t I photograph nature? And if or if not, how meaningful is the distinction anyway?

The Song of the Day is “Second Nature” from the 2001 Eric Clapton album “Reptile”. Hear it on YouTube.

2137 – Heavy Metal Blues

This is in the same place as “2113 – Head Down” and “2115 – On The Upside Looking Down“.

I was late and had not much choice on my way to the lake. I figured a little bit of industrial decay in late sunlight is never wrong 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Heavy Metal Blues” from the 2009 album “The Bleeding Edge” by The Revelations featuring Tre Williams. See a video on YouTube.

503 – Any Old Iron

“So? What have you discovered about patterns?” did Ted ask in a comment to my #500. That they are powerful and everywhere? That they are fragile? That you have to help them along sometime? That rust comes in many colors and so does iron?

I shot this image yesterday morning on my way to work, using the Sigma 70/2.8 (no this lens still does not bore me) at f9, 1/100s and ISO 500. Today, on the train from Vienna to Carinthia, I began working on it, had it already finished, after some sleep came back to it, and now it is finally what I want it to be.

The Song of the Day is “Any Old Iron” by the great Peter Sellers. I have it on the 1990 release “The Peter Sellers Collection“. Hear it on YouTube.