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2879 – On Up The Mountain I

This image has been taken on a short trip to one of the biggest mountains near Villach, Mangart, a peak right where Austria, Italy and Slovenia meet. I was not at the peak, just took the road to the highest parking lot at about 2000 meters. Still, with the help of wide angles I got some nice pictures for this and the next two posts.

The Song of the Day is “On Up The Mountain” by Jakob Dylan. Hear it on YouTube.

2167 – Reaching For The Moon III

Today’s weather is cloudy with some high fog, it’s cold and does not look promising. Astronomically summer’s gone and it also feels like that.

I’ve decided I won’t take images today, I have work waiting for me anyway. Here’s a Thursday moon for you.

Like in “873 – Reaching For The Moon” and in “1268 – Reaching for the Moon” (the mountain in the latter is also Mangart, as in today’s image) the Song of the Day is “Reaching For The Moon“, but today it is not Holly Cole, today it’s Ella Fitzgerald. Hear it on YouTube.