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263 – Say Goodbye

I write this on a rainy, cold day, one day after I’ve shot this image in the bright light of an amazingly beautiful and hot day under southern skies. Yesterday I took a final round of swimming in the deep blue of the sea, and then we left Mali Losinj and the spiders of Cres at about noon. This image is from breakfast. I normally don’t have ice cream for breakfast, but in that climate it was perfectly OK.

I sat there in one of the cafés along the promenade, stunned at how empty the marina was (on the other hand, if you had a boat on such a day, what would you do but use it?), and then I saw the street lamps. They were a gift of the city of Varaždin to the city of Mali Losinj, and somehow they have an oriental quality that fascinates me. I took some images of this group of lamps, some of one lamp alone, and that was it for the day. Everything else were documentary shots.

For the Song of the Day I wanted something with the words “say goodbye”, and “Time to Say Goodbye” by blind Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman wouldn’t have been too wrong, but I still settled with Cole Porter’s “Everytime We Say Goodbye“. What version? Ella? Too sweet. Ray Charles and Betty Carter sometime in the 1960s? Too sweet as well. Annie Lennox on the “Red, Hot + Blue” AIDS benefit album? Not really. Betty Carter? Somehow cool and not bad for so much blue color.

No, it’s even cooler still, yet there is all the longing in it that I feel for the south and the sun. It’s instrumental, it’s John Coltrane on his 1960 album “My Favorite Things“.

262 – This Land Is Not Our Land

The twin islands of Cres and Losinj are thinly populated. There are some tourist centers like Mali Losinj, but for wide stretches there is nothing but Macchia, walls, some sheep in between … and spiders. Spiders just like this one. They look very much like normal spiders in our garden, but in comparison they are big. Very big.

Their body is big like a hazelnut. This is not big by absolute measures, but for spiders like that in our garden it is very, VERY big.

Let’s look at it from another angle. The island of Cres has a size of approximately 400 square kilometers, that’s 400 million square meters. I have made only two forays into the macchia, but both times I have found these spiders. Many of them. I’d suppose a density of one spider per four square meters. And now go figure.

This means 100.000.000 spiders on an island with a human population of 3184!!!

This land is not our land. It is spider territory.

I have the Song of the Day on this 42 disc collection called “The Ultimate Jazz Archive“. It’s the Rhythmakers in 1932 with “Spider Crawl”. Sorry, no lyrics on the net.

261 – The Hour When The Ships Come In

Constantly one day late, but here am I with the image for yesterday, Sunday.

It’s funny. I have seen this all my life, but not before I began photographing, have I consciously experienced how bad the light during the middle of the day is. Unfortunately this is exactly the time when I am on my way during holidays. Therefore we are in the evening again, this time a little before sundown, and it’s the boats in Mali Losinj’s harbor.

Again Bob Dylan? Why not. This is an old song, it’s from his 1964 album “The Times They Are A-Changin’“, it’s called “When The Ship Comes In“, and it is the Song of the Day.

260 – The Painter

Holidays, image post-processing and posting don’t go together too well. Still, I’m at least back with the image of Saturday.

I arrived in Mali Losinj right for dinner and some sundown shots. The sundown was mediocre, I tried some experiments with filters and flashes (only the weak flashes of my macro flash kit), produced nothing of value, and finally changed back from the Sigma 10-20 to the Sigma 30/1.4, a more appropriate lens for night street photography.

This guy sells paintings, the typical kind that you get in tourist centers, but the image reminds me a little of these baroque paintings about painters presenting their work. And then there is this woman to the left, who is completely oblivious to me and obviously everyone else (and everyone else to her), this woman who adjusts her décoltée.

In terms of post-processing I have darkened some distractions near the edges of the frame, brought back some detail into the paintings on the upper rows (they were burnt out in the JPEG) and finally have blurred the face of the woman.

I have not brought along my music library, thus there is no Song of the Day. Sorry, we’ll be back to that with the first blog entry that I’ll write from home, supposedly tomorrow, Tuesday night.