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2817 – Viaggi e Miraggi VII

It’s hard to choose. I like both images of today. The cloister is in a former monastery in Voltorre near Varese. It almost has been rebuilt, only on one side the original structure seems to be more or less intact, the other sides have been reconstructed in concrete, with fragments of original pillars embedded. Obviously the cloister has been in very bad shape.

We couldn’t visit the small church, because it was closed for reconstruction and through a gap we could see how it was full of tools and scaffolding.

It would have been easy to be disappointed with what’s left of the former monastery. The ruins of church and monastery had been integrated into a small village, almost dissolved among humble rural architecture. At the same time this is also interesting. It’s no Disneyland and no Neu Schwanstein, it is a piece of history that was saved just before it could vanish entirely.

The second image is a look through a window on the ferry across the lake. I don’t know why, I like it. It’s also a good match for our Song of the Day (week?).

2815 – Viaggi e Miraggi IV

Como, the city at the southern end of Lago di Como, has a large cathedral, one of the marvels of early Italian renaissance.

It’s playful style with the many small turrets on the roof somehow reminded me of the famous Certosa di Pavia, and seemingly I am not the only one. At least in my travel guide I found the same reference.

When we arrived (still on the first day), it was just not raining. It did for a few minutes while we were inside, but as soon as we left, the rain was gone again and the sun came out. Quite welcome when you want to sit outside and have a drink 🙂

I didn’t get the perspective completely right on that ceiling shot, but hey, half a second (handheld) at f4 and ISO 640, I tell you it was really, really dark inside 😛

The Song of the Day is and stays “Viaggi e Miraggi” by Francesco De Gregori. Hear it on YouTube.

2814 – Viaggi e Miraggi III

The Image of the Day has been taken in Ispra, a small town on the east coast of Lago Maggiore, south of Laveno. The town is best known for housing the Institute for Environment and Sustainability, part of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. We only passed through and I didn’t look for the institute, but what immediately caught my attention was this wall.

Somehow the streetlight and the top of the door look like a crown to my eyes. Add the extravagant color and you know why I call it the Queen’s Club 😀

The Song of the Day is still “Viaggi e Miraggi” by Francesco De Gregori. Hear it on YouTube.

2813 – Viaggi e Miraggi II

The former monastery of Santa Caterina del Sasso is one of the most famous sights of Lago Maggiore. It has been built into a steep cliff face and the normal way to approach it was by boat. Today there is a lift down from the top of the cliff and that’s also the way we came.

The church is interesting, because due to the constraints of space it has a completely irregular floor plan. It was pretty dark inside, but that’s where the OM-D E-M1 shines like no other camera that I’ve had before. The Image of the Day was taken at half a second, handheld, at ISO 200.

The Song of the Day stays “Viaggi e Miraggi” by Francesco De Gregori. Hear it on YouTube.

2812 – Viaggi e Miraggi I

I’ve been back from Italy for a week, but only now I’ve finished tagging and processing my images. Some of them 🙂

Today’s images are from the first day. We spent around six hours on the highway, driving from Villach via Udine, Venezia, Padova, Verona and Milano to the three great prealpine lakes of Italy, Lago Maggiore, Lago di Como and Lago di Lugano.

We stayed on the western shore of Lago Maggiore, the most western of the three lakes. The shore is already in Piemonte, the northern part reaches into Switzerland’s Canton Ticino.

The “traditional” place to stay would have been Stresa (Hemingway’s choice), but a few kilometers north is Verbania, and that has the big advantage to have a car ferry across the lake. That’s where we took residence.

The church image and the passage way are from the first evening in Verbania. That was the night when Italy won its first soccer game during the World Cup. I still hear the ecstasy of the fans 🙂

The Image of the Day was taken the next day south of Laveno, on the other side of the lake, after our first trip with the ferry. We’ve had rain in the morning and the wet playground was where I began taking images.

The Song of the Day is and will be for the next few days “Viaggi e Miraggi” by Francesco De Gregori. Not only is this a great song, I also like the title, “Voyages and Mirages”. Somehow fitting 😀

Hear the Song on YouTube.