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1820 – Sweet Memory V

Have you ever used the expression “See you on the other side”? Sounds so cool, huh?

Well, we tried it today, but the guys helping us didn’t show up. A little bit of a communication problem 🙂

This means another night in the old apartment, but I suppose it will be the last one. On the “other side” our books are not yet all sorted in, but we make progress.

Of course again I didn’t find time to take images, much less to make one last attempt at swimming, What a pity, these are so beautiful days and gradually it’s getting colder.

Like yesterday the Song of the Day is “Sweet Memory” from Melody Gardot’s 2008 album “Worrisome Heart”. See a video on YouTube.

1819 – Sweet Memory IV

I didn’t take images yesterday. Well, I did, some sky & cloud images after sundown, but I didn’t have the time to even look at them. Italy a year ago will have to do it. This is Camogli, one photographer’s dream on the Ligurian coast. Always a sweet memory 🙂

Like in “1718 – Sweet Memory III“, the Song of the Day is “Sweet Memory” from Melody Gardot’s 2008 album “Worrisome Heart”. Always good music, YouTube has the live video.

1636 – Sweet Memory II

Well, this is difficult today. I’d probably have something for yesterday, but I am so overworked and tired, tonight I definitely can’t work on a anything any more.

But then, that’s what the archive is for. Here’s another image from Liguria, Italy. It’s been taken in Camogli again and I have processed it last July, nine months ago. Funny to see how I worked then 🙂

The Song of the Day is one more time “Sweet Memory” from Melody Gardot’s 2008 album “Worrisome Heart”. Still good music, YouTube has the live video.

1615 – Another Green World

Uhh, you guess it, I have not a single image of today 🙂

Weather was not really worth going out. I went anyway, although much too late in the afternoon, and in the end I spent my time at the local electronics market, wondering if I should buy a Panasonic LX-5. Well, I kept wondering for months now, and in the end I never do it. I know, it’s stupid, I should either buy the damn thing and use it like Juha does, or else just stop thinking about it, but of course I don’t.

The LX-5 is just such an admirable piece of technology, and it has exactly the size that I would want for a second camera. I have tried the Olympus PEN E-PL2, and while I like it, it is already too heavy and big. The new Olympus XZ-1 is nice and I guess I like its ergonomics better than that of the Panasonic, but then, the LX-5 goes wider.

In fact, when I look at my work of the last 16 months, a vast majority of my images has been taken with the Tamron 17-50/2.8, so obviously this zoom range (25.5-75 mm equivalent) is perfect for most of my work. The LX-5 offers 24-90/2.0-3.3, thus it’s not only longer, its lens is even very fast, and when you go into macro mode, it focuses down to 1 cm. I suppose, although I don’t need it at all, I’ll keep thinking about it 😀

The Image of the Day is from last Summer in Liguria, Italy.

Not all of Italy is lush, but Liguria certainly is. Lots of rain, we got some of it, but I absolutely love the landscape. I still have lots of those images processed, uploaded, but not yet used in a blog post. Perfect for a Saturday like this, when I write programs instead of taking photographs.

The Song of the Day, “Another Green World” from Brian Eno’s album of the same name, as you can hear on YouTube, is not much of a song at all, but I like the album and, well, on a gloomy day like this, I like the title even more 🙂

1462 – Midnight Special

It’s Friday, it was gloomy the whole day (at least as far as I know, most of it I spent in a room without windows, teaching), I had neither time nor much inclination in the morning, and now I am on the train to Carinthia.

These are the days when I’m glad to have some finished but unused images already uploaded, and that’s how you get to see another pair of images from Italy.

Both were taken the night before our departure, both were taken from the exact same spot. The blue light in the Image of the Day is the light that comes from the bar.

This is how it looks, when you are far from the beach, far from the hotels and the fancy restaurants. Michael failed to keep from smoking, and when he went to the train station for a pack of cigarettes, I joined him and took some night images.

The Song of the Day is “Midnight Special“. I recently bought it on a Van Morrison collection called “Brown-Eyed Girl”, a collection of early hits, but originally it is from his debut album “Blowin’ Your Mind!”. Oh, and, that’s pretty much what it does 😀

YouTube has a live version with extra guests from much later.

1409 – Canzone Della Strada II

Again I had precious little time yesterday, with no photographic results worth mentioning. It may even go on like that for a few days.

Here’s another image from Italy, taken in beautiful Camogli. For lack of time and a better name, the Song of the Day is again “Canzone Della Strada” from the 2004 album of the same name by Quadro Nuevo. Here’s it on YouTube, and they have other pieces from the same album as well.

1401 – An Illusion

Today is Sunday, and for today I really have no image at all. Let me show you one more image from Italy instead.

Trompe-l’œil murals are very common in Liguria, and while most of the time they only give the illusion of a more elaborate facade than there actually is, sometimes it goes far beyond that. This is such an example from near Sestri Levante.

The Song of the Day is “An Illusion” from the 1995 Stiltskin album “Mind’s Eye”. Hear it on YouTube.

1392 – Canzone Della Strada

This is the image for Friday, obviously not made on Friday. It’s Rapallo in Liguria, Italy again. I like Rapallo, because it is big enough to have a population not working in the tourism industries.

We are in the process of searching for a a more permanent abode in Villach, and I arrived one day earlier, because we had a meeting with a very competent woman from the construction company. We are looking for an apartment, but of course nothing fits just right. Thus we spent three hours in front of AutoCAD, and now we are quite confident.

The Song of the Day is “Canzone Della Strada” from the 2004 Quadro Nuevo album of the same name. YouTube has it, I suggest you give it a try. Quadro Nuevo are an Austrian band, but this feels real Italian. More than real I might say 🙂

1382 – Mary’s Of The Sea

I was not in a photographing mood. I did take photographs today, a lot even, but almost all of them were textures. Walls, stone, cracking paint and the like. When I made yesterday’s “1381 – I See A Darkness“, I blended in a texture of cracks in a big block of wood, and while I browsed my collection for textures, I realized that they were not only poorly tagged in the database, but also that I don’t have as many as I thought. This averted my view today and made me mostly look at old walls 🙂

OK, that’s today’s excuse for why you get another picture from Italy 😀

Here is Camogli again, same place as yesterday’s darkness, same time, only here I use the 17-50 and look towards “Santa Maria Assunta”, St Mary’s, the church directly at the beach.

The Song of the Day is “Marys Of The Sea” from Tori Amos’ 2005 album “The Beekeeper”. Only live versions float the net, so here is one on YouTube.