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2859 – Hold Me

And then, of course, there come good reasons to stick to color. These are the cables that hold yesterday’s lift, and I really love the blue line, the green on the cables and that wonderful red dot, red like a drop of blood. I may have slightly exaggerated colors and contrasts, but who can say? For an image taken at night through a thick sheet of glass I guess it’s fairly acceptable.

The Song of the Day is “Hold Me” by Kenny Rogers. Hear it on YouTube.

2858 – Straight Lines

I’ve taken this image late at night, after midnight. It is a view into the glass and steel housing of a lift at the Underground station. No contrast, sick reflections of bad neon light, there was really no sound option but going black and white, but in the end I really like the result.

Actually that’s one of the big advantages of black and white: you can process the image in ways that wouldn’t be possible in color. Whenever you do local contrast adjustments in color, for instance to compensate for contrast lost in reflections, your colors do wild things. Yes, I know, I could do it in Photoshop and in LAB mode, but then, I’ve used LAB long enough to know that it also has its limits. Sometimes there is simply no value in keeping colors. Anyway, that’s at least what I thought and decided this time 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Straight Lines” by Suzanne Vega. Hear it on YouTube.

2721 – Looking Down

When taking images I often like to look up, but on occasion I like to look down as well.

Here we have an image of an Underground lift floor, taken as I arrived in Vienna, and another one of dirt below a tree, peculiarly arranged by the rain, taken as I was on my way back to Villach.

Both images have had their share of processing, for instance did I have to strongly enhance contrasts in the reflection, and the dirt looked much better with some vignetting.

The Song of the Day is “Looking Down” from the Flying Pickets album “Blue Money”. Hear it on YouTube.

2550 – Dark As A Dungeon

Vienna’s Underground system is not as extensive as those in London, Paris, New York or other big cities that have had Undergrounds since longer than any living person can remember, but it is really nice. I love the architecture, I love the friendly, clean and well-lit connections, and I almost feel I have to apologize that I often portray them in a much darker way than they really are.

It’s just that I find it more interesting to concentrate on the traces of use in dark corners than on unmarred, spotless, shiny surfaces. Not alway, but most of the time 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Dark As A Dungeon” from Johnny Cash’s 1968 live album “At Folsom Prison”. Hear it on YouTube.