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1374 – From Both Sides Now

It’s Tuesday night, this is the entry for Monday. It’s the same image as in “1346 – Someday After A While“, processed differently, along with another image of the same house, taken the next day at noon. I suppose I will use these two images together on a spread, and while the first one was always meant to be on the title page, I think the second would be nice for the back cover.

Hmm … well, maybe it’s a bit premature to talk about covers, as long as I don’t have an idea what to put in between πŸ˜€

Have you ever searched Amazon’s MP3 search for “Both Sides Now”? Can you believe this? This Joni Mitchell song may easily be the most covered song of all times, and if it is not, it can’t fall short πŸ™‚

The Song of the Day is a version from the 2003 album “Undercovers” by Maria JoΓ£o and MΓ‘rio Laginha. Hear it on YouTube.

1372 – Every Picture Tells A Story

With quite some confidence and without much pleasure I can announce, that there will be no SoFoBoMo 2010 book from me. It’s not that don’t have the material, it’s not that I have technical problems, it’s simply that I run out of time. I have to choose between making a SoFoBoMo 2010 book and making the book that I want to make. I choose the latter.

Thus: There will be a book, the working title is “Sediments”, it is about a layering of disconnected pieces of culture above each other, about how that creates the reality that we live in, but creating such a book takes time.

At the moment I have between 20 and 25 images from Italy that I feel belong into the book. That’s not enough for SoFoBoMo, 35 would be the lower limit, and not all of them are processed to a final form. A book has requirements different from those of a blog. This year, just as with my first book, Tscheppaschlucht, a great deal of work runs into homogenizing the processing styles of the images.

This is the post for Saturday, an unbearably hot day, that I used to sweat on construction sites, and the few photos that I made, were images of an apartment that had been offered to us.

It was so hot, I didn’t even go swimming. I spent the rest of the day in front of my computer, re-processing images already processed weeks before, some of them not yet published. And just as with Friday’s image of the hidden gate, every picture tells a story. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes you need to listen, give up for a day, listen again.

This particular image is such a case. Here it was mostly a matter of finding out what spoke to me in the first place, and then cropping to the core. This originally was a vertical format, and while much spoke for it, what remains is a wide-screen horizontal. I was unhappy with the former, I am very satisfied with this one.

The Song of the Day is “Every Picture Tells A Story” by Rod Steward. I have it on the 1993 album “Unplugged….And Seated”. Hear the original version from the album of the same name on YouTube.

1360 – Time Passes

Time passes. Let’s see: I started my SoFoBoMo 2010 month on June 19, the day we arrived in Italy. A poor choice, I have only one or two usable images from that day, but that’s how it is. I have to finish on July 20, that’s a Tuesday, and for all practical reasons this means the Sunday before. It’s not real tight, but I don’t have so many images processed yet, I have not even a full list of candidates. I can’t let it trickle an image a day, I really have to speed up. We’ll see.

This is the post for Sunday, July 4, the image is again from June 20. The place is again Lavagna. Currently I don’t put much energy into photography. I have images for Monday and Tuesday (back in Vienna), but only a few, and if by chance I fail to produce an image a day in the next two weeks, I won’t complain. There should be enough material from Italy, that I have to process anyway.

The Song of the Day is “Time Passes” from Paul Weller’s 1995 album “Stanley Road”. See him perform live on YouTube.

1359 – Wicked Game

Allow me please to make an indecent proposal.

As we all know, fame and fortune are a direct and automatic consequence of merit, right? Just work hard, be good, and it will be recognized, yes? No?

Well, probably it is not just that automatic, probably at times we need to help Fortuna along, take her by the hand, lead her in the right direction. I suppose this is such a time πŸ™‚

Yesterday night (yeah, yeah, this is supposed to be the blog post for Saturday, and now it’s already Tuesday morning again, I’m late, I know), after only about three months, I have finished my Eclipse / GlassFish / Java EE 6 Cookbook, a blog post on my Programming blog. Being here for photography, most of you won’t be interested in it. Still, it’s a damn fine tutorial about a topic that is not broadly covered. It’s comprehensive, well researched and would print to about 80 pages. That’s not shabby. It needs exposure though.

May I make an indecent proposal?

Could we perhaps play a game together? The wicked game of creating public interest? Even when Java programming is probably the thing that interests you the least, may I beg you to go to my tutorial, scroll down to the very bottom and use one of those icons, to share my tutorial on Facebook, to digg it, to stumble it, set bookmarks on Google, Yahoo or Delicious, whatever you use, whatever you happen to have logins for. It would drive users from those social bookmarking sites to my tutorial, some may return later, and that would greatly help in building an audience for this fledgling blog of mine.

Of course this is a little bit dishonest, this is tricking the game, but on the other hand, this is just what advertising does to us all the time, and I don’t even sell something, to the contrary, I’m giving away a compendium of my experience … for free. Thanks a lot for considering.

The Image of the Day is from June 20 and was taken in Lavagna, Liguria, Italy, just the next town north of where we stayed. I didn’t take any images on Saturday. The Song of the Day is of course “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak. Hear it on YouTube.

1347 – Under The Bridge II

Sorry to be late again, but I’m on vacation and visually overloaded πŸ™‚

I already used this title back in “1198 – Under The Bridge“, and here it fits again. Sorry for the repetition as well πŸ™‚

I saw this image on Monday, but failed to react, and you know how this is, suddenly you are 50 meters ahead, there is no place to stop, traffic is heavy, and you give up.

Still, the view with the old houses, the winding road and the highway bridge in the background stuck, and when we came along again in the vicinity, I demanded a short deviation πŸ™‚

The image is a composite of two out of maybe ten exposures, one with the intended framing, one with the man preparing to cross and the scooter. Maybe a third exposure to eliminate all the cars would have been fine, but I was not lucky enough. Processing was rather straight, although I have added a selective blur and a bit of a vignette. I am short of time now, I may decide to change processing for the book.

The Song of the Day is again “Under The Bridge” by All Saints. The album that I have seems to be not available any more, thus I have linked to an “All Hits” collection. Hear the song on YouTube.

1346 – Someday After A While

I’ve seen a lot, I’ve made many pictures, but it’s completely impossible for me, to show you at least a small part of it.

Someday, yes, someday after a while, you may see the rest of these pictures. Some of them I may use as part of this year’s SoFoBoMo book, some may end up as Images of the Day, it only will take time. Please bear with me.

The Image of the Day is another example of what I have in mind or rather what Ted requested. The new layered over the old, cities growing chaotically, without a master plan.

The second image is a left-over from Saturday, just one of those that I took the time to process.

The Song of the Day is “Someday After A While” from Eric Clapton’s 1994 album “From The Cradle”. Hear it on YouTube.