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3112 – Hanging’ Around With You

What else has happened? I’ve switched to the Creative Cloud edition for photographers, meaning I’ve been running Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC for a few days.

This was a planned upgrade. I have waited until Lightroom 6 came out and now I have a working Photoshop again. It’s good to have it, although I have not missed it that much since I switched to the Mac.

People say it’s fast. Well, I have a fast Mac and it was fast before. Photoshop is a lot faster than CS3 on my old VAIO laptop running Windows, but that was to be expected.

The upgrade ran totally seamless. I paid the subscription, downloaded the installer, logged into my account, selected Lightroom and Photoshop for installation, and it kept Lightroom 5 for me. Lightroom CC upgraded the catalog to a second version, this was a quick and unproblematic conversion. All in all it couldn’t have been easier. In a few days I’ll uninstall Lightroom 5, convert all my older catalogs as well and delete the old Lightroom 5 catalogs.

Adobe is an interesting company though. As a programmer I am apalled by the quality of Flash (basically an endless source of security holes), but their Creative Suite is one of the best pieces of software that I’ve ever used. OK, different teams, different application domains, but still, you wouldn’t expect the two products to come from the same company.

The Song of the Day is “Hanging’ Around With You” by Dean Martin. Hear it on YouTube.

2432 – The Lantern II

This is a lantern above the portal to a church in Vienna. I suppose it is not old, at least not that old. Maybe a few hundred years?

Of course it would have been outfitted electrically within the last century, maybe less than that, but it’s hard to tell. Everything is old around here and if things are not, a lot of effort is put into keeping up the illusion ­čÖé

The Song of the Day has already been in use in “1029 ÔÇô The Lantern“. Hey, that was in August 2009, and wow, that’s a long time ago as well ­čÖé

The Lantern” is from the 1967 Rolling Stones album “Their Satanic Majesties Request”. Hear it on YouTube.

1760 – Twilight

It’s past midnight, I’m in may hotel room in Franti┼íkovy L├ízne in the Czech Republic. This is an old spa that, among many others, the great German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe used to visit. I have no idea how it fared through the days of Communism, but today it has regained a splendor that I did not expect to find. A beautiful place and you can be certain to see more of it and its surroundings in the next week.

“Twilight” is the Song of the Day. It’s the last song of Melody Gardot’s 2008 album “Worrisome Heart”.

It starts off as an instrumental, followed by a ghost song after a long pause. Oh dear, it was really funny that first time so many years ago, but can we stop that nonsense now? The song is nice though. Hear it on YouTube.