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3732 – Green Shade

Most of the pictures you’ve seen lately were still taken with the Olympus PEN E-P5, an extremely competent camera of the same generation as the OM-D E-M1. The optional electronic viewfinder VF-4 has the same magnification and the same overall quality as that of the E-M1. This camera now sits in a cabinet and waits to be sold. I’ve replaced it with the PEN-F, a camera with a built-in EVF of less magnification, but with a higher resolution sensor and overall even more pleasing aesthetics.

The OM-D E-M1 is also waiting to be replaced by the E-M1 Mk II. Sometime last year, mine has fallen to the ground while we were in Aix. I had to replace the sunshade of the 12-40/2.8 and the camera suffered some scratches. No other damage was done, but of course that devaluates the camera.

The new one will cost 2000 €, and when I checked today, I found that E-M1s are currently traded at around 400-500 €. That’s less than a third of what I paid two years ago. Sometimes I think I should not sell it at all and instead use it as a second body. Only that it would actually be the fourth, and that in reality even two cameras are an overkill for my needs.

What I do now is, that I either travel light with the PEN-F and a triple of silver primes, or I use the heavier pro equipment with the E-M1. Would it make sense to carry the E-M1 and the E-M1 Mk II at the same time, one with the 12-40/2.8, the other with the 40-150/2.8? In certain situations, yes. Would I do it? Almost certainly not 🙂

But then: sell such a beautiful camera for almost nothing? Or not upgrade at all? Well, even first world problems are problems 😀

2972 – Colors In The City

These three images show details from a graffiti around the entrance to a gallery in my home town Klagenfurt.

You may remember, we were there to see a photo exhibition with works of Carinthian photographers.

There are two kinds of graffiti, those that the artist gets fined or even goes to jail for, and those that the artist gets invited for by the owner of the property. This seems to be a case of the latter kind.

It was already low light on a gloomy day, thus I was glad about the opportunity to take home a few colors.

The Song of the Day is “Colors In The City” by Yotti, Zack-E and baylie – whoever they are 😀

2947 – Farmer’s Market

“Ursulamarkt” is a traditional farmer’s market in Klagenfurt, my hometown. Believe it or not, this year I’ve been there for the first time in my life.

It’s, well, not very traditional any more. You see the usual fairground attractions, but still a few things remain. Inside of the halls it’s obviously too expensive for selling handmade brooms and the like, so you’ll only find professional traders there, mostly from northern Italy, but outside there are things on display that you won’t see elsewhere.

That I still show you plastic toys, well, it is because they were too photogenoc to resist 🙂

As I look at the image now, I’d say the reds and yellows could be more saturated, and that is because I have processed the image on my old Sony VAIO laptop, a computer with unbalancedly vibrant reds. I normally didn’t trust its display and I certainly shouldn’t have for this image 😀

Anyway. The Song of the Day is “Farmer’s Market” by Lambert, Hendricks and Ross. Hear it on YouTube.

2892 – Growing Egos

I’ve recently found that the best time for me to post images on Flickr is the evening. When an image gets lucky (such as the one in “2885 – Very Ape“) it gets near to ten faves that evening, and then only one or two in the morning suffice to push it into Explore. By the way, that part of a poster for “Planet of the Apes” is my most successful image on Flickr so far. I peaked at 26,707 views and 141 favorites that day. Why exactly this image? Who knows 😀

Today’s image is a total loser on Flickr. Some views, not a single favorite. I like it though, and what I like most, that’s the head of the street light peeking into the image from the lower left corner 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Growing Egos” by Sasha. Hear it on YouTube.

1440 – Linger Awhile

A stupid title and no connection to the image? Oh yes, you’re right, but then … I sat there in Klagenfurt, in front of a pub called Pavlvs, drank my mineral water with lemon juice, and while the sun burned down, I looked up along the modern facade, up into the sky, and for a short moment everything was perfect 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Linger Awhile” by Sarah Vaughn. YouTube has a 1953 recording with orchestra, not bad, but I still prefer the version from the 1957 album “Swingin’ Easy”.

560 – The Magic Castle

It’s Tuesday evening now and this is the image of Friday. I’m not exactly catching up, but I’m not falling further behind either. One gets so humble 🙂

Actually there was not much material and I was lucky finding anything at all. This image, taken with the Sigma 30/1.4, was shot when I had just arrived in Carinthia. As you may remember, my father had been in Vienna for two weeks, and we returned together, me driving his car. He’s 73 after all.

Traffic was modest, all the accidents (two exactly) were on the opposite lanes, and so it was rather relaxed. When we crossed the border to Carinthia, even the sun came out. Unfortunately this didn’t help me much, because driving on the highway you are at least as unable to take photographs as on the train.

In post-processing I have cropped the image to be symmetric, cloned out some distractions, and re-adjusted contrasts between sky and earth, mimicking an ND gradient filter. Basically that’s it.

The Song of the Day is “In The Forest” from the 2004 Coral album “Magic and Medicine“. Sorry, no video found.

444 – From Auld Lang Syne

See, see, another year has gone by. Has the world become a better place? No, of course not. Have we learned our share? As individuals maybe, as the human race, no. At least I can see no progress towards humanity, peace and understanding. Let’s hope for next year, like every other year.

Today I spent most of my time surfing the internet, socializing at the Radiant Vista forums again after a long time, answering some comments, and then, when the light would have been best, I was tired and laid myself to bed for an afternoon nap.

I woke up when the sun was just down, grabbed my gear and drove to Klagenfurt, in the hope of getting some image there. What I got, these stairs, was shot with the Sigma 30/1.4 at f10 and 30s, obviously from the tripod.

At midnight finally, like any other year, I tried my best to capture some fireworks, this time with the Sigma 10-20. The result is not so abysmal as last year, but it is far from where I would want it to be. But, wait, give me some dozen years more practice, and I promise you, you’ll get a masterpiece. Hmm … or at least something decent 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Auld Lang Syne“, interpreted by the great Eddi Reader on her 2003 album “Eddi Reader Sings the Songs of Robert Burns“. See her perform it live at the Scottish Parliament on YouTube.

A Happy New Year to you all!

408 – Anything Goes

Today, when in the morning the fog lifted for some minutes and I caught a glimpse of blue sky, it almost looked like we could get a sunny day.

I was so wrong. Not only that the fog returned for hours, no, it even began to drizzle. In the late afternoon I gave up my hope on landscape shots and decided to drive to Klagenfurt. They have a Christmas market, and that always means color and light.

I was so wrong. By the time I was there it poured down and there was no chance to get any decent shots. I already played with the thought of using one of yesterday’s images, shot immediately before I made yesterday’s “Chance Meeting“. You can even see the door in the background.

When I eventually drove down to our favorite China restaurant, I finally found the image. I had already stopped looking, at least consciously, when I recognized that they had added Christmas decoration to the already lush lights on the restaurant. I had the Sigma 10-20 mounted, and with all the cars parking in front of the lights, it was hard to get any interesting composition. OK, I thought, then with a car. And so I did 🙂

Sigma 10-20 at 10mm, f5.6, ISO 125, 1/4s, hand-held from under an umbrella.

The Song of the Day is my all-time favorite version of Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes“. It’s from the opening scene of “Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom“, sung by Helen Hobson in Mandarin. Hilarious! Hear a sound sample on Amazon.com. It’s track 8 you want. Track 16 is the normal English version.

Today, when in the morning the fog lifted for some minutes and I caught a glimpse of blue sky, it almost looked like we could get a sunny day.

I was so wrong. Not only that the fog returned for hours, no, it even began to drizzle. In the late afternoon I gave up my hope on landscape shots and decided to drive to Klagenfurt. They have a Christmas market, and that always means color and light.