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1831 – Mirror

It’s very early Monday morning and I’m on my way to Vienna. I’ll be an hour late to work, but when we finished working in the apartment yesterday, it was already too late for the train.

Like the last weeks in Carinthia, photography did not happen at all. Here is an image for Saturday, again taken at the Czech monastery Kladruby, the processing this time inspired by Roland.

The Song of the Day is “Mirror” from the 1996 Beautiful South album “Blue is the Colour”. Hear it on YouTube.

1781 – Heaven’s Gate

At the moment I’m not terribly productive, neither photographically nor as a programmer, but thankfully I have quite a number of past images that I want to show you and that only now get processed.

This is another image from the monastery of Kladruby. Two days ago we had “1779 – Let There Be More Light” and from the Czech Republic I posted “1762 – Intermezzo II“. Same church, same ceiling, only this time not ultra-wide.

As regards photography, in general it is forbidden inside of the church, and the only way to get into the church is by attending a conducted tour. Thankfully they sell photo permits though. It was not cheap but that’s OK. I’m happy to pay for my hobby and I absolutely recognize how much money goes into such buildings. What I don’t understand is, when photography is banned for no reason.

The Song of the Day is “Heaven’s Gate” (that’s what these baroque cupolae represented) from Toni Child’s 1991 album “House of Hope”. Hear it on YouTube.