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3137 – Brother Sister

Only a cat picture, but, you know, the Internet is ruled by cats and so is our apartment in Villach 🙂

I took the image through a window and had to crop it heavily. When I tried to take another image from nearer on and from exactly the front, Gamer had already decided to run off the terrace. I’m happy with what I got.

The Song of the Day is “Brother Sister” by Sahara Beck. Hear it on YouTube.

2847 – My Gal (Poor Gal)

Kazuuu, my poor little kitten was finally neutered after a year. Ovaries and uterus were removed. That’s a pretty invasive operation and for the wound to properly heal, it is important to prevent her from licking it or tearing apart the suture. That’s what the hat is for. Believe me, she was not amused at all.

The Song of the Day is “My Gal (Poor Gal)” by The Lovin’ Spoonful. Hear it on YouTube.

2779 – Picture Of Innocence

This is a very tiny picture, a close crop from an image taken with a much too wide lens. On the other hand, after I took the image, I tried to change lenses and, of course, in the meantime Kazuuu had recognized my attention and given up mischief in our roses. Thus I am happy with the tiny image that I’ve got, as opposed to the perfectly composed image with the right lens that I never had the opportunity to take 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Picture Of Innocence” from the Deep Purple album “Bananas”. Hear it on YouTube.