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1271 – Let’s Drink To The Hard Working People

I am still in Carinthia. Our car needs an overhaul and I had to take a day off.

These two images were taken in the morning when I walked back home. At the moment I use the Nikon 18-200 VR, and it really has its advantages to have such a big range. Chromatic abberations can be quite high (depends upon focal length) and the distortions are very high as well, but both can be corrected in software.

Actually I’m quite satisfied. It’s not a killer lens, it’s not a lens I would buy again, but having it does not hurt at all 🙂

It’s mid-afternoon, I’ll go fetch the car in a few minutes. The day has turned from overcast/hazy to wonderfully sunny, so I may make some more images, but I really want to get this post done. I’ll have to work on my Programming blog in the evening on the train 🙂

The Song of the Day is of course “Salt Of The Earth“, the last song on the 1968 release “Beggars Banquet”, maybe the best Rolling Stones album ever. Hear it on YouTube.

503 – Any Old Iron

“So? What have you discovered about patterns?” did Ted ask in a comment to my #500. That they are powerful and everywhere? That they are fragile? That you have to help them along sometime? That rust comes in many colors and so does iron?

I shot this image yesterday morning on my way to work, using the Sigma 70/2.8 (no this lens still does not bore me) at f9, 1/100s and ISO 500. Today, on the train from Vienna to Carinthia, I began working on it, had it already finished, after some sleep came back to it, and now it is finally what I want it to be.

The Song of the Day is “Any Old Iron” by the great Peter Sellers. I have it on the 1990 release “The Peter Sellers Collection“. Hear it on YouTube.

291 – Cold Irons Bound

I’m back to the Sigma 20/1.8, a different exemplar this time, and it does everything well. Autofocus is perfect, the lens is still a bit low contrast wide open, but I guess that is to be expected with such a beast, and even at f1.8 it is wickedly sharp. I’m more than delighted. The guys at Blende 7 in Westbahnstraße simply changed the old with the front-focus problem for a new one, and that was it.

I love this lens. Wide-angle macro opens up a completely new dimension. Having no image of the day yet and not much time, I strolled around the U3/U6 cross “Westbahnhof” (where I shot yesterday’s image) for maybe half an hour, got the image you see here, and then many more. I guess I’ll post at least one of them at the Radiant Vista community forums as soon as I find some time.

The Song of the Day is “Cold Irons Bound” from Bob Dylan’s 1997 album “Time Out Of Mind“.