3450 – Frosty Situation II

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Mar 302016

It’s already early Spring around here, but image-wise we are just diving into Winter. Rest assured, it won’t last very long.

Actually I had already wondered whether my lust to take images was gone. Then last Saturday I made 20 images on one short walk through Villach. This is not 20 exposures taken, this is 20 images processed and ready to be used on the blog. Not all of them are first rate, but, well, neither is everything I’ve published so far. In any case, I seemingly need just a lazy hour from time to time 😀

Jun 122015

Sure, Micro Four Thirds has a smaller sensor, and the appearant DOF of a lens is as if it were two stops slower. Thus my f2.8 looks like your f5.6 (at least if you use a 35mm sensor), but that does not mean that my f2.8 does not gather as much light as yours. It may capture less light, but it concentrates it on a smaller sensor area. Light density is the same and so are my shutter speeds for the same exposure value as yours. It’s only that my lenses are smaller and lighter 🙂

And if I really crave for very shallow DOF? Well, depth of field depends at least as much on subject distance as it depends on aperture. These images have been taken at f2.8, but due to the lens’ great close-focusing capability, I can just go a little closer.

You probably know the effect best from macro lenses: once you get close enough, DOF is shallow even at small apertures.

Now, with shallow DOF clearly achieveable, bokeh is the important factor. Do the out-of-focus areas look good? Creamy? Soft? The Image of the Day is obviously as creamy as it gets. Out-of-focus highlights from the droplets are even discs with no obvious borders or onion rings, and even the second image looks pleasing to me. Its abundance of hard lines at all background distances is more or less a torture test for bokeh, and I’d say this lens behaves quite well.

The Song of the Day is “Summer Grass” by Kiyoshi Yoshida. Hear it on YouTube.

2763 – Green Grass

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May 112014

Morning light in Spring. It’s as beautiful in Vienna as it’s everywhere, and with that kind of light you often don’t need much of a subject.

I’m writing this and a few other posts while riding the train from Vienna to Villach, knowing that the new Panasonic 12-32 has already arrived. At the time when you read this post, I will already how it performs, especially in regard to purple fringing. On Olympus cameras this has been the major weakness of three of the Panasonic lenses that I’ve tried so far, of the 14/2.5, the 20/1.7 and – worst offender of all – the 7-14/4.0. Only the 25/1.4 has been flawless and we’ll see how this tiny zoom behaves.

The Song of the Day is “Green Grass” from Tom Waits’ album “Real Gone”. Hear it on YouTube.

Jun 062013

Why do I make such an image, you ask? This image is not beautiful, you say?

Yes, yes, you’re right, it ain’t, still I do. It’s not that I don’t have enough “beautiful” material to draw from, it’s more that I sometimes feel an urge to show things “as they are”, another fallacy, but one that’s widely accepted among photographers.

Of course it did look like that and it didn’t at all. This image is restriction of an unbounded reality to the narrow bounds of a square, and it reduces a complex reality to a “yin-and-yang-ness” that the whole situation clearly didn’t have. And then, what is a “whole situation” anyway?

The Song of the Day is “Muddy Waters” from the 1992 Vaya Con Dios album “Time Flies”. Hear it on YouTube.

Dec 312012

When I finally got out today, it was almost too late to go anywhere. Thus I decided to try my luck with frost at the edge of a meek forest a few hundred meters away.

It is almost midnight, people have been burning fireworks for hours and there is no end in sight (Crisis? What crisis?) and I am happy to be done with blogging for today. Let me just wish you a happy New Year, health and peace, freedom and democracy.

Thank you for visiting!

The Song of the Day is “Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere?” from Nick Cave’s 1997 album “The Boatman’s Call”. Hear it on YouTube.

Aug 122012

A rather stressful weekend, but in the end I managed to get to our place at lake Keutschacher See and swim a round.

Here’s a view back across the meadow towards the entrance of our place. I loved the pattern of the shadows on the grass.

The Song of the Day is “That Sunday That Summer” from Natalie Cole’s tribute album to her father “Unforgettable: With Love”. Hear it on YouTube.

May 202012

Another day, more meadows sprinkled with gold dust. Today it was not as clear and bright as yesterday, but Michael and I went swimming around noon and then it was sunny enough.

The water was colder than last week though. No wonder after the rain and the cold weather.

Like yesterday the Song of the Day is “Gold Dust” from Tori Amos’ 2002 album “Scarlet’s Walk”. Hear it on YouTube.

Apr 262012

Automatic white balance in today’s cameras is pretty good and the OM-D is no exception, but this scenario, an image consisting of various shades of green and yellow only, this is the worst case.

In general we tend to make grass much too green, and so do the cameras. Go out and look at it, even on a sunny day in Spring. Try to remember the color. Then go back to Photoshop and shift magenta into your yellows. They need it. Lots of it 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Don’t Let The Green Grass Fool You“, a Wilson Pickett song, today interpreted by Huey Lewis and the News on their 2010 album “Soulsville”. Hear it on YouTube.

Jan 012012

Images taken with shallow DOF (this one with the Nikon 50/1.2 AI-S wide open) are always a playground for your imagination. No, these are not tombstones in an old cemetery, but they could be. Or anything else.

I have just finished Garth Nix’ “Shade’s Children”, a sci-fi novel set in a clever variation of the all-too-familiar post-apocalyptic world. After the “Change” there are no adults any more. Children are raised in prison-like dorms, and at their fourteenth birthday, aka “Sad Birthday”, they are taken away to the “Meat Factory”, their brains and flesh to be used as raw materials for creatures used in war games of the “Overlords”. This is a book about the fates of four escapees who join the rebel group led by the artificial intelligence Shade.

In the sci-fi genre, “Shade’s Children” is innovative just as Garth Nix’ “Abhorsen” trilogy was in the fantasy realm. And it captures you. Took me three days through the book, last night I went to bed at 4:30, five hours later I was reading again, and at 11:00 it was done 🙂

The Song of the Day is “After Awhile” by Jack Teagarden with Bud Freeman & His Famous Chicagoans. Hear it on YouTube.