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3655 – Modes of Human Communication

Both of today’s images were taken through my spying glass, the big, heavy 40-150/2.8 PRO. What did I bring along? The usual vacation gear (aka “The Big Gear”), meaning the trinity of the Olympus PRO lenses. Additionally I carried the small fisheye. I had bought it only days before the trip, and I figured I should use it while it was new, otherwise I’d probably forget about it ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you still write post cards? I used to do it on vacations, but I have stopped at least ten years ago, maybe much, much longer.

In a way it was a nice ritual: searching typical, beautiful post cards that still avoided clichรฉs, trying to perfectly match cards and recipients, trying to write individual, witty messages tailored to their recipients, buying stamps, finally searching for a mailbox. Yes, it sounds tedious, and that’s probably the main reason why we stopped doing it ๐Ÿ™‚

3654 – Number 3

Does not look like stereotypical Provence, does it? Well, don’t fear, we’ll get to that ๐Ÿ™‚

Today’s images (and tomorrow’s as well) were taken on Place des Cardeurs, where we sat for our first dinner. It’s one of the few places spacious enough that you can sit outside in the sun. Most other places crowded with restaurants are narrow and always in the shadow. It does not matter after sunset, but with long June days I enjoyed dining in the sun.

3645 – All Along the Wall

I write this on Saturday, October 8. Trump has not yet given up and the Republican Party has not yet distanced itself from him. When this post is published on October 11, we may know more.

Isn’t that puzzling and altogether a worrying state of democracy? In Donald Trump we have someone who is probably the most obviously unfit-for-politics politician from his growing peer group. Nobody even in his own party wanted him, and nevertheless he got voted into candidacy, acclaimed by a diverse public, that is only united by a strong, common disgust of politics.

It must be a hard time to be a Republican. What can you possibly do? Change horses? Yes, that could be an honest thing to do, but seemingly they wait until they clearly see that their chances on the presidency are over. But are they? Scott Adams clearly doesn’t think so, and he may well have a point. At least I think that everybody who is disgusted now, would likely have been disgusted already.

Lots and lots of people don’t agree with Political Correctness, but they don’t say so, because it’s not politically correct. It’s even understandable, because ideals and real behavior are rarely in tune. Political Correctness is frequently pure lip service, and in face of that, someone like Trump may be seen as refreshingly different.

In an ideal world Trump wouldn’t have been able to come even near candidacy. In an ideal world Trump wouldn’t even have become a media star. An ideal world would punish his behavior and his business methods. The world is far from ideal though. The outcome of the election will tell us a lot about how far.

3644 – Strong Colors in Waning Light

I’ve processed this image the day that I had taken it, approximately four months ago. When I saw it now, I felt that the upper half could use a little more saturation and contrast. I went back, applied a sharp gradient along the shadow line, increased contrast, saturation, added a little light, and altough I changed the image exactly like I had intended to … it didn’t improve anything at all. Back I went ๐Ÿ™‚

3643 – When We Were Young

Graffiti are a dated clichรฉ. The current visual language of Street Art always reminds me of album covers of the early 1970s. Not much has changed in mainstream graffiti since then. Sometimes I ask myself who makes them today. Still young people? People of my age?

It’s a visual language from the time when I was young, and it’s a time that has influenced my aesthetics and my mentality. My whole conception of freedom dates from that time.

And speaking of time: A few days ago I saw the image in the first driver’s license of my father. 1967. He was a young, good looking man of 32 years, a boy relative to my current age, yet already father to my three year old self. Today he is 81, fighting cancer, tired and old. Time is not kind.

3642 – Some Like It, Some Don’t

In general I like it. You may call it Graffiti, you may call it Street Art, although in most cases the word “Art” is a little bit far fetched. In many cases it’s not more than vandalism, and I admit that my relaxed stance is probably best explained by the fact that I am not a house owner.

My interest in Graffiti is that of a photographer and it is in details. Graffiti are colorful landscapes projected onto our urban canvas. Most of the time their weakness is in the way their totality lacks definition. Amorphically they are clustered around a strong, colorful signal, but towards the borders they run out into nothingness. That’s why I always frame them tightly.

3639 – Jagged Confusion

Early evening on Naschmarkt, the biggest traditional market in Vienna. It’s colorful during the day, and, interestingly enough, it’s colorful after closing time as well. It’s only now that we can see the graffiti covering the shutters.

Of course you may ask yourself why early evening would mean closing time at all, but that’s Austria. We have a long history of strong regulations, and in many respects this is for the benefit of the public. After all, when everybody has to close at a certain time, it levels the playing field for the smaller participants, and it at least removes one of the countless reasons why they are swallowed by the big players.

On the other hand, everybody on consumer side envies the southern European countries, who have much more freedom when it comes to opening times. So do I. We just wouldn’t want to work in those shops ๐Ÿ™‚