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297 – You Know I Couldn’t Last

Goodness, I LOVE photographing!!!

You know, at times it is tedious. You need an Image of the Day, and you try, and it won’t come. And then, almost by chance, or maybe out of experience, something comes, and finally you see what you haven’t seen while trying, and then it is good.

And then there are the times when nothing bothers you, when you don’t use a camera but are the camera, the times when all flows freely, when you find not only what you’re looking for, no, a whole cosmos of images rotates around you …

… and once in a while, when you’re really lucky, you’ll even find a reason to let Morrissey have the Song of the Day. Can it get any better?

Sigma 20/1.8 at f8 and 1/20s, handheld.

Morrissey, former singer of the immortal 1980s band The Smiths, Morrissey, one of my heroes, Morrissey, who had vanished for years, Morrissey, who had come back with “You are the Quarry“, an album that was so fantastic, it made you weep with joy, Morrissey sings “You Know I Couldn’t Last“, the Song of the Day.

No sound samples for Brits and Americans, but the Germans have them. Again, I don’t know why, this is completely beyond me.

251 – That Old Black Magic

This image is from Thursday. I shot it in the morning, the rest of the day was so-so, and it culminated in the worst storm of this year, two people in Vienna died.

This is another image that I’ve post-processed in Photoshop. The original had almost no colors, no contrast, what there was was rust and dust, all gray, orange and brown, but I knew I could make something out of nothing here. In Lab I applied first a de-saturation layer, then a “Man from Mars” and finally a saturation layer. Voilà, here are the colors. I love that Old Black Magic 🙂

That Old Black Magic” is also the Song of the Day. Again it is Ella Fitzgerald, this time live on “Ella in Rome: The Birthday Concert“. Wonderful version that is.

181 – Got Love?

Thursday, again taken on my way home, this time in Stollgasse, round the corner from where I live.

I am not sure why I have framed this photo the way I did. I have tried to crop it, “concentrate on one idea”, but, against all rules as it may be, this is it. This is the perfect crop, exactly as I shot it in the first place.

This is a story of old love and “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” is the Song of the Day. It’s old love, so we go back to Louis Armstrong. I have a CD with recordings from 1928-29 that is no longer available, but you’ll find it as track 12 on disc 1 of “The Essential Louis Armstrong“. Alas the sound sample stops before he starts singing, but you’ll get the mood.

180 – Pure Gold

I have failed to post an Image of the Day for four days now. Why? I was tired, I have a new graphics card (which partially explains why I was tired), and I had some stress at work. I did not fail to shoot images though, thus all you’ll see posted today has been shot at the respective days.

This was last Wednesday, on my way from work. I took an unusual detour through the 8th district, basically all the while going toward the low sunlight. In a corner I saw this window, facing east, reflecting a distant, sunlit facade that in turn reflected some light on the graffiti.

Randy Crawford’s “Shine” is the Song of the Day. I couldn’t find any lyrics, but there is a sound sample on Amazon’s page for the 1992 album “Through the Eyes of Love“.

166 – Glyphs

Hot, burning glyphs on the wall, glowing like molten metal. What do they mean? Do they mean the same all day? Probably they mean nothing at all most of the day for most of the people. Maybe they were painted only for these ten, 15 minutes of late sunlight, to be seen by the few who know how to read them, and maybe they suddenly get meaning as these last rays of sunlight make them burn?

The Song of the Day is “Writing On The Wall” from the 1980 soundtrack of “Breaking Glass“. Goodness, I love Hazel O’Connor, and not only for this album, but this is how it all began.