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1806 – The Precious Jewel

It’s Thursday afternoon, it’s beautiful outside and I’m on my way to Carinthia. The next two weeks I’ll be busy moving, but I hope I’ll find at an hour a day to go swimming, at least as long as it’s sunny and warm.

I did take some images today, but mostly I was in a hurry, thus making them typical examples of non-contemplative photography 🙂

Here’s someting from Italy instead.

The Song of the Day is “The Precious Jewel” from the 1997 Charlie Haden / Pat Metheny collaboration “Beyond The Missouri Sky”. Hear it on YouTube.

1802 – Love is The Seventh Wave

I always carry a second SD card with me. It’s a low-spec Kingston card that I initially bought for the LX5 and that I later replaced with a higher-spec (but on that camera not a bit faster) SanDisk card.

Well, today was beautiful and sunny, and although I managed to spend most of the day using the Google surfing the Internets, I still managed to drive down to the lake for swimming.

On my way I found a nice view, stopped the car and went out to make some pictures. Only then I found that I had left my card in the card reader. No problem, I thought, that’s why I always carry a second card and ,,,

I didn’t find it. I may have stowed it away in some pocket, I may have lost it, it made no difference, I couldn’t produce it and the images went untaken. Here’s something from Italy instead.

The Song of the Day is “Love is The Seventh Wave” from Sting’s 1985 album “The Dream Of The Blue Turtles”. Hear it on YouTube.

1792 – Summer On A Solitary Beach

It’s the end of the season in Italy. It’s still warm, hot even, but as most tourists here come from Austria and Germany, and as school has begun again everywhere, the beaches are closing down.

That’s fine when you try to avoid the masses, but it has its drawbacks. I saw a mini golf course already closed for winter, and what you see here is part of a platform that is out in the water normally, but now has already been drawn out on the sand.

The Song of the Day is “Summer On A Solitary Beach” by Franco Battiato. You may know it as one of the hits from Alice’s wonderful 1985 album “Gioielli rubati“, but hey, why not the original? Take for instance the version on the 1989 live album “Giubbe Rosse”. Hear it on YouTube.

1791 – Happy Feet

More and more I find myself wondering about what to do with my D300. The DSLR is in Carinthia now, and during the last week I had again the option to use either this all-weather beast of a camera or the tiny Panasonic LX5. Well, you know what I did. I’ve hardly used a DSLR in half a year. It really makes me wonder 🙂

In addition to these happy feet I leave you with some sole e mare. Both images are probably a little more colorful than real life, but that’s how memories are, right?

The Song of the Day is “Happy Feet” from Paolo Conte’s stellar 1990 album “Parole d’Amore Scritte A Macchina”. If you don’t have a Conte album, this is the one you need. If you have one but not this one, well, you need it anyway 🙂

See a video on YouTube.

1790 – The Dead Marshes

Here’s some more images from Italy, this time from a trip to the Isonzo delta. The Isonzo or Soca, as it is called in Slovenia, was the stage for some of the most deadly battles on the southern front of World War I.

Hemingway’s “A Farewell To Arms” is set in this area or slightly north of it, as these images were taken in the “Riserva Naturale della Foce dell’Isonzo“.

Whatever it was that I saw here in the water, the scene immediately reminded me of the Dead Marshes in Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”. I only had to use Photoshop to turn a bright sunny day into a scene of nightly gloom.

It took me two attempts, and only the second one, involving a B&W layer in “Multiply” blending mode, some color filters and who knows what else, convinced me.

The other images were taken in the surroundings, only the bike detail later on the street. Northern Italy is surrounded by mountains, but most of it is flat land and there are plenty of bicycles everywhere.

The Song of the Day is “Swampsnake” from the 1973 album “Next” by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. Hear it on YouTube.

1789 – Song To A Seagull

Wow, it’s been a pretty long time since my last post! Sorry, I made images, more than I can currently show, but during the first few days I had connectivity problems, and then my server had an upgrade.

I have shelled out around 25$ for a “Faster Server Option”, and indeed the server feels faster now. During the transition I didn’t want to put up new content though, and so another two days were lost.

Add some work for our upcoming relocation in Villach and you see me busy for a week with no apparent output. But as I said, nothing is lost and today I’ll make a quick succession of posts in order to catch up.

These images are from a trip down to Italy, down to the sea. Carinthia had fine weather last week, but of course Italy is always warmer and we enjoyed a welcome continuation of summer.

I probably could have taken any of these images as Image of the Day, but I really like the seagull. It was such a perfect capture, so exactly the right moment, but of course it’s not planned. It just happened, I waited until it almost touched down, I already feared that I had waited too long, but it was even more than what I had hoped for. No merger between bird and building, the shape of the bird fitting right into the gap between the chimneys, and even the light and the sky were cooperating. A lucky shot that made me cheerful 🙂

Two images have borders, two have none. The detail from the brakes of a bicycle is right out of the camera and was not processed in any way, the harbor night shot was, but I have used it as wall paper on my laptop, and white borders on wall papers are not such a good idea 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Song To A Seagull“, the title song of Joni Mitchell’s 1968 debut album. Hear it on YouTube.