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3669 – The Beauty on the Hill

Gordes! I was awestruck when I saw it.

I didn’t expect it, because like so often I’ve come pretty unprepared. In earlier times I used to buy lots of travel guides. I didn’t read all of them either, but at least I tended to browse through them.

I don’t buy physical books any more. Too much weight, too much hassle when moving to a new apartment. I love ebooks, but unfortunately travel guides are something like a blind spot in the ebook market right now. Too many photos and illustrations, too much visual layout. Most travel guides don’t carry over well to the smartphone or even the ebook reader.

The consequence? I am unprepared 🙂

We came through Gordes on our way to Sénanque Abbey, but when I realized what I was seeing, it was completely impossible to park the car. Basically there is one spot, you can move along a wall up and down from there for maybe 20 meters each, and that is it. Be prepared to compete with all the other photographers 😀

On the way back, I was prepared. I found a place to stop, I took my three images and off we were again.

Would it have been awesome to get to the center, there on the hill? Sure. It would probably also have been awesome to spend a night in that little town. Just like in a few other places. The outcome is: we didn’t. The world is so big a place.