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3551 – Through the Castle

You have to admit, the old people definitely had some sense for grandeur. It’s when you look at the details, you see things that you wouldn’t expect.

Take this long view all through the palace: If you’d plan something overly expensive like this, wouldn’t you make sure everything lines up perfectly? I certainly would, but obviously it was no criterion here. The two gates are not exactly opposite, the fountain in the background is slightly off-axis, and so are the pillars of the garden gate behind.

Sloppiness? Chance? A sense of aesthetics lost to us? I don’t know. Do you?

692 – The Factory

Thursday was much like the rest of the week, I’m afraid the next weekends won’t be any better and there will be one more week for the final move at the beginning of October. Bad times for photography.

This is what I managed to get. I tried one other image but failed post-processing it. In this image of the gate of an old factory I used sharpness masks again, but in an even more subtle way, thus it is hard to make it into a tutorial. The differences would be much less than substantial. I’ll keep that for an image where I can make the effect more pronounced. In short, the idea is to make a mask that is much like an edge mask that you use for sharpening, only blurrier. You can then use that mask to better keep sharp foreground and blurry background apart. You could, for instance, increase subject contract and decrease background contrast, drive colors to different saturation, make the subject warmer and the background cooler, etc. I have used all that in “690 – Flowers and Apples“, and some of it I have used here as well.

The Song of the Day is “Factory” from Bruce Springsteen’s 1978 album “Darkness on the Edge of Town“. There are some versions of it on YouTube, at the moment I prefer this intimate one with The Seeger Sessions Band.