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2816 – Viaggi e Miraggi VI

Our day at Isola Bella was exceptionally beautiful and I made more images than I’d care to trow into a single post.

Let me wrap it up with a selection of a few leftovers that I wouldn’t like to omit.

We begin with some pavement in front of the main entrance to the palace on Isola Bella. It is made of small black and white pebbles, polished smooth by the tread of countless feet. It’s a beautiful visual indication of age.

When we got back to Stresa (the place with Hemingway’s hotel, remember?), we decided to buy some souvenirs, and while we went through the less luxurious parts of town, I saw a garage and a pillar with a colorful, blue pattern of stripes, lit by gorgeous afternoon light.

And then there is an image that I took on the ferry to or from the island. Just a triangle of metal, painted blue, and then the water of the lake. If the image looks posterized on your monitor, start worrying, because it’s your monitor, not the image. It looked good at home and now on my laptop it looks horrible indeed 🙂

None of these images became Image of the Day. The one that did somehow was my favorite. It’s a fancy piece of fence at the pier where the ferry departs to the island. In my mind it is tied to a relaxed sense of expectation, to the certainty of beautiful things ahead. You see, my choice is personal 🙂

You know the Song of the Day.

2533 – Joe’s Garage

Well, Mario’s actually 🙂

When we arrived at his home around noon the next day, first thing we did was sit down and ask ourselves why we’ve never met the past 23 years. I had brought along some prints as a present, thus photography and my blog were a topic, and while we talked, I always saw the pattern of light and shadows on the old corrugated metal door. After a while I couldn’t resist any more and took this image.

The Song of the Day is “Joe’s Garage“, the title song of one of Frank Zappa’s best albums. Hear it on YouTube.