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3678 – On Cours Mirabeau I

Cours Mirabeau is a wide thoroughfare in Aix-en-Provence. It is named after Honoré Gabriel Riqueti, comte de Mirabeau, a demagogue, writer and politician at the time of the French Revolution.

The dove perches on top of a small fountain in the middle of the long stretch. At the western end the place is terminated by a much larger fountain at the center of a roundabout, but more of that tomorrow.

3548 – The Art of Balance

I like these compositions. I think they are balanced and nicely fit in their respective frames.

In other news you may have heard that our presidential election between the final two candidates, Norbert Hofer and Alexander Van der Bellen, has to be repeated. After Hofer lost, his party, the right-populist FPÖ, appealed, and they did so by submitting a 150 pages tome of collected “irregularities”. And formally they were right.

For instance, the law says that counting of postal ballots must not begin before Monday, 9 am. In some districts they began earlier due to the immense pressure of having to provide early results.

In some cases the election supervisor did not wait for the official witnesses but used public servants as witnesses. Again that’s against the rules.

In its opinion the constitutional court finally gave one reason that alone would have rectified the annulment, and that was the fact that from 1 pm on preliminary results had been given to political parties and to scientists for the purpose of making projections. That’s also against a strict reading of the rules.

The problem is, every past election of the last 20 years has been executed that way. It was the consensus. It was accepted by all parties, FPÖ included. Now they broke the consensus.

Every political party could have done the same thing after every past election. They didn’t because it was just the way things were done – and by and large it worked perfectly.

Now you may ask, why did FPÖ break the consensus? For their voters they insinuate electional fraud, but in all their 150 pages they did not find a single incident that would point to fraud.

Meanwhile Erich Neuwirth, a professor emeritus of statistics and computer science at the University of Vienna, has demonstrated conclusively on his blog, that all disputed districts statistically lie in the mainstream. If you assume a manipulation to the amount that would have changed the result, all of those districts would have to have been extreme outliers before the manipulation. In other words, the insinuation of fraud is pretty laughable when you look at the hard facts.

Furthermore, even the witnesses of FPÖ have all signed under oath that everything went according to rules. Some of them may even face persecution. Therefore again: why did they do that?

I think the answer is, that they feel they are very near to their goal. Europe is crumbling, the Brits are out (are they?), France might fall to Marine Le Pen (heaven forbid!) and in general the extreme right seems to advance everywhere. Having a partisan president who would call for early general elections in times of refugees and an economic crisis, that is just too good a chance to pass it. Therefore the heavy push, therefore this “nuclear” weapon that you can only use once.

Well, it’s our job to stand united and to just say no. Let’s re-elect Alexander Van der Bellen and let’s do it even more decisively. I think it’s time to set a signal, time to stem the brown tide. They may think so, but in reality their victory is not a historic necessity. It would rather be a freak aberration like the Nazi reign has been. Thank you, we’ve had that, no need to go that route one more time.

3341 – A Fish In An Awkward Position

Here’s another detail from Miradouro de Santa Luzia. If there is anything remarkable at all here, then it is the superb highlight detail in this image. In the reality of bright noon light everything was just white and hurting the eyes. The original from the camera did capture the highlight details, but at the expense of an overall dull, grayish appearance. Processing from RAW made a world of a difference. I like this image.

3313 – Peaceful Europe

Yesterday night the dreadful attacks in Paris have happened, today our politicians already call for restrictions of civil rights, more surveillance, more totalitarianism.

As if it had helped in France! After the attack on Charlie Hebdo, the French government has already introduced laws that are widely criticized as too broad, giving the police almost unrestricted and uncontrolled power, laws that the next dictatorship will be thankful for.

It didn’t work. It can’t work. Whenever you take freedoms away, democracy dies a little, but regardless of how much freedom you take away, there is always plenty of opportunity for a small, determined force to wage terror, especially when they don’t value their lives.

Whatever you do, this reflexive first reaction is completely wrong. I don’t know what the answer is, but it can’t be to shut down democracy.

2520 – Reel Around The Fountain

I’ve never been to Monfalcone before. It’s a small industrial city in northern Italy, one of those typical places that you always drive by and never visit.

Well, I did, and now I know why it’s not considered a “sight”. The city was at the heart of World War I’s Isonzo battles, and during World War II it was heavily bombed in 1944. There is really hardly anything left of pre-war architecture. The day was not wasted though. I’ve learned a few things, taken a few images anyway, and at least it was sunny and warm while cool rains washed over Carinthia.

The Song of the Day is “Reel Around The Fountain” from the 1984 Smiths album “Hatful Of Hollow”. Hear it on YouTube.

2378 – Lady Of The Dancing Water

Sunday I went to a park in Villach and took images of the water in a fountain. Many of them or even more. In some cases I did not move the camera at all, just snapping away, and although it is hardly surprising, it nevertheless fascinates me how completely different successive images are.

The Song of the Day is “Lady Of The Dancing Water” from the 1970 King Crimson album “Lizard”. Hear it on YouTube.

2210 – Stardust II

Contrasting yesterday’s image, here is another one along the same lines, this time fresh, taken just an hour ago. This is the basin of a fountain in a park in Villach.

The Song of the Day is “Stardust” from the 1990 Jon Hendricks and Friends album “Freddie Freeloader”. Hear it on YouTube. Oh and, while you’re there, you may also be interested in the album’s title track: Bobby McFerrin (Wynton Kelly), Al Jarreau (Miles Davis), George Benson (Cannonball Adderley) and Jon Hendricks (John Coltrane). Hear it! Really! I mean it 🙂

2136 – Before The Day’s Gone

It was so easy. I processed that sunset landscape image, looked for a title and found Sophie Zelmani’s “Before The Day’s Gone” in my collection.

Then I began preparing this post, but when I had one more look at today’s images, I could not help but prepare another image, one taken into a fountain in Villach. And so it happened: it became Image of the Day, the title does not fit any more, but I am too tired to look for another one.

Before The Day’s Gone” is from Sophie Zelmani’s 1998 album “Precious Burden”. Hear it on YouTube.

2109 – Let Go With The Flow

It’S Saturday morning, here’s Friday’s post.

Both images were taken at the same fountain as yesterday’s, only this time I have used the cheap and light Olympus 40-150. Of course this is far off from what I saw, but I really like what pushing colors and contrasts did 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Let Go With The Flow” from the 2003 Beautiful South album “Gaze”. Hear it on YouTube.