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3094 – When the Curtain Comes Down III

A year ago, in “2738 – When the Curtain Comes Down I” and “2739 – When the Curtain Comes Down II” I introduced you to the concept of “velum quadragesimale” or lenten cloth. In yesterday’s post (I skipped over it) we had one from Villach as well, and today you see the one in the small village Feicht near Lendorf bei Spittal an der Drau.

The Song of the day is “When the Curtain Comes Down” from Diane Krall’s album “Glad Rag Doll”. Hear it on YouTube.

3093 – Change My Darkness Into Light

Good equipment does not necessarily make you a better photographer, but undoubtedly it makes you reckless 🙂

On a sunny day, with sidelight falling through small windows into a dark church, contrasts are extreme and well over what cheap cameras like mine can record.

Well, only joking. A medium format digital camera may likely do sufficiently better, but in general this is the domain of HDR, at least unless you’re reckless and willing to substantially open up the shadows.

So I did in both of these images. As you can imagine, the dark one is the camera’s version of the Image of the Day. Apart from lightening it up, I have also used some pretty extreme perspective correction.

The result? Well, I’m definitely satisfied. Actually, now that I look at it, I consider downloading DxO Optics pro and trying its highest quality noise reduction and perspective correction on these images. I’ve tried their PRIME noise reduction once under Windows and its results were excellent. The only problem was speed, but that may be better now on my new Macbook Pro. We’ll see.

The Song of the Day is “Change My Darkness Into Light” by The Flirtations. Hear it on YouTube.

2739 – When the Curtain Comes Down II

Not only is the tradition of hanging a lenten cloth in front of the altar alive in Carinthia and not only do we have some pretty old specimen, no, even new ones are created today. Sometimes they are created by artists, sometimes by school children.

At 7 times 5 meters, the artist Karl Wolschner’s face of Jesus in Maria Saal is the largest lenten cloth in Carinthia. It was created between 1990 and 1994.

One more time is “When the Curtain Comes Down” from Diane Krall’s album “Glad Rag Doll” the Song of the Day. Hear it on YouTube.

2738 – When the Curtain Comes Down I

Do you know what a “velum quadragesimale” or lenten cloth is? It’s kind of a curtain that used to be hung in front of a church’s altar during lent. Luther did away with that custom in protestant countries, and even in the catholic parts of Europe it has become nearly extinct. There is only a small region in northern Germany where it is still alive and – where the tradition is most alive – that is my home country of Carinthia.

The small market town of Gurk is the the traditional and now only nominal seat of Carinthia’s bishop. It’s basilica is quite important though, and it has even been visited by Pope John Paul II. It’s lenten cloth, to come back to the topic, is the oldest in Carinthia, dating back to 1458. That’s only five years after the fall of Constantinople and 34 years before Columbus arrived in America 🙂

The second picture has been heavily corrected for perspective, and I had to add some fake background in order to not have to crop. It still gives a good idea though.

The last two images finally give you a full view of that awesome gothic vault. Hope you enjoy it.

The Song of the Day is “When the Curtain Comes Down” from Diane Krall’s album “Glad Rag Doll”. Hear it on YouTube.