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961 – Mountain Greenery II

It’s Monday noon, this is an image of yesterday’s short trip to Slovenia. Well, at least it was meant to be short, but one should never underestimate Slovenia’s small mountain roads. At least this time we were not bucked off 🙂

It took me so long to post that image, because in the meantime I have made a book. No, it is not “Urban Dreams II“, my SoFoBoMo book, but it is the promised “Urban Dreams I”, made of most images of last years exhibition, along with some other images that I thought would fit.

I used the Adobe InDesign template, that I have created for this year’s SoFoBoMo. The book was made in about six hours. Of course the images were all ready to be taken, and most of the time went into finding a sequence with a certain flow, writing the introduction and, most tedious, writing the captions. Clicking on the thumbnail will bring you to Issuu.com, where I have uploaded the book.

As there is much concern about file sizes on the SoFoBoMo blogs, I can tell you that at least with InDesign you should have no problem. This book contains 46 images, two of them twice, I have not resized the images, I have just dragged the final JPEGs into InDesign graphics frames. Upon export, I have used the “High Quality Print” preset and only changed the image quality settings from the default of “Maximum” to “High”. The resulting PDF is still no bigger than 13MB and the image quality is absolutely satisfying.

The Song of the Day is “Mountain Greenery“, this time not by Mel Tormé, this time it’s the great Ella Fitzgerald. I have it in a box of her complete songbook recordings (which is very recommendable), but of course the Rodgers & Hart Songbook is also available separately. YouTube has a very nice 1979 live video.

688 – What Can You Do With A Hanger?

This Sunday image was hard, and it also shows that Ted is right when he writes in a comment to “686 – Guardian Angel” that he is

… increasingly convinced that photographic art is a process consisting of an observation at the time of shutter release and discovery in PP. Thus art is a concept and that concept involves a process… which also means that I no longer think that epiphany is an instantaneous moment when the stars explode and Archimedes runs naked down the streets screaming, “Eureka!”.

Oh, perhaps in geological time the process happens in an instant, but in reality it can happen in hours or over days don’t you think?

Yes, that’s what I think, and sometimes it comes easier, sometimes it comes harder. This was hard.

This image of a hanger was taken on Sunday afternoon in Carinthia. Normally I don’t stop photographing until I have at least one safe bet for an Image of the Day, but on Sunday exactly that had happened. This was nothing but an uninspired warmup image in bad light. No problem, because I would go to a fair and there I would certainly find photographic opportunity aplenty, right? Wrong. It did not happen, and suddenly I found myself in an awkward situation with nothing but a hanger, not even inspiration.

This is the result of my third attempt at making it an image. The first drove all colors apart and to max, the second found this gaudy and converted to B&W, and the third revealed color again. Well, I guess I like it at last 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Struggle” from Apocalyptica’s 2001 album “Cult“. See them live on YouTube.