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2947 – Farmer’s Market

“Ursulamarkt” is a traditional farmer’s market in Klagenfurt, my hometown. Believe it or not, this year I’ve been there for the first time in my life.

It’s, well, not very traditional any more. You see the usual fairground attractions, but still a few things remain. Inside of the halls it’s obviously too expensive for selling handmade brooms and the like, so you’ll only find professional traders there, mostly from northern Italy, but outside there are things on display that you won’t see elsewhere.

That I still show you plastic toys, well, it is because they were too photogenoc to resist 🙂

As I look at the image now, I’d say the reds and yellows could be more saturated, and that is because I have processed the image on my old Sony VAIO laptop, a computer with unbalancedly vibrant reds. I normally didn’t trust its display and I certainly shouldn’t have for this image 😀

Anyway. The Song of the Day is “Farmer’s Market” by Lambert, Hendricks and Ross. Hear it on YouTube.

2104 – A Token Of My Extreme

Today was just like yesterday: too cold for the season, rainy in between, and in the evening the sun came out.

These three images were taken early afternoon. It was just beginning to drizzle when I saw some trucks in a parking lot, each carrying amusement park equipment.

The bright colors were a welcome distraction from the otherwise dull vistas and so I took a series of images.

The Song of the Day is “A Token Of My Extreme” from Frank Zappa’s 1979 opus “Joe’s Garage”.

I think it’s amazing that it is not available as digital downloads, and even the CDs are only to be had at obscene prices. Can someone please tell the industry that keeping digital downloads in stock does not eat up warehouse space?

Hear it on YouTube.

329 – Fairground Attraction

If ever there was a band that sneaked itself right into my heart, then it was the Scottish one-album wonder Fairground Attraction. Of course their wonderful singer, the incomparable Eddie Reader, still makes music, and all her albums are good, really good, many of them much more than good, but somehow Kevin Nevin, who wrote most songs on their debut album, is missing. I guess there was nothing more perfect than “Perfect”, “Find My Love” or “Clare”. This image is titled after the song that gave name to the band.

I shot the image through the car window while waiting for a traffic light to turn green. I used the Nikon 18-200 at 200mm, ISO 200, f8 and 1/15s. I was not driving 🙂

Fairground Attraction” can be heard at the 1988 album “The First of a Million Kisses“. If you don’t have it … do yourself the favor, get it. Really. I mean it.