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3791 – The Bridge

Maribor in Slovenija is a beautiful town not far away from the Austrian border. It lies at the same river Drau/Drava as Villach, only about 150 km downstream. It’s one of those towns that not only nominally lie at a river, it’s one of those that really make use of that position.

You don’t see the promenade in this image, you don’t see the the restaurants and cafés along that promenade, but they are what make the difference.

Historically it’s of course understandable. Today’s rivers are regulated and relatively safe. You see the perils of building too near the river in some of those cities that are situated at the confluence of two or sometimes three rivers. The city of Steyr in Austria is regularly flooded and so is Passau in Germany.

In Maribor the main city is safe at something like 30 meters above river level. A cascade of restaurants and cafés, warehouses and workshops falls down to the river, and that’s where the most beautiful spots are.

3519 – Fighting the Haze

There is nothing particularly interesting in this image. It was taken on our way back from Eisenkappel.

I’ve used the Olympus 40-150/2.8 at its longest, and like in so many long-distance shots the colors were distorted by haze. Not only that, they had also suffered much more in the far-away background of the image. Hey, I thought, what better image to try out Lightroom’s new “Local Dehaze” feature.

Of course this is much more useful than a global dehaze, because normally haze comes exactly like in this image: vastly different for different distances.

There is no overlapping foreground, and so I was not forced to do any complicated mask painting. A simple gradient from top to bottom did the trick. As far as I remember, I have used “Dehaze”, a slight shift to a warmer color temperature and maybe not much more. It was really easy.

3476 – When a Red Bridge turns Golden

Using a macro lens for any kind of architectural photography is a little bit unusual. Maybe I should really, really try to take a few proper macro images some time 😀

This red bridge is one of my favorite places when I need a quick image in Villach. It has enough architectural details, it’s in the sunniest spot of Villach, it’s just a few minutes from home and – did I mention it? – it’s red! At least unless the sinking sun turns it golden.

3011 – Cold River

This image has been made. Out of the camera it was nothing but shit. This is not, I think.

In recent years I have been quite reluctant when it came to dramatic changes to photographs. Does not mean a thing though. When the situation calls for it, I do what needs to be done 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Cold River” by Mountain Witch. Hear it on YouTube.