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3608 – A Mock Window

This is what happens when I use a manual lens for a week: I invariably switch lenses for the next week.

In this case it was again 25 mm, but this time it is the Olympus 25/1.8, one of my favorite lenses. It’s small, light, ultra-sharp, and it focuses instantly.

It’s been some time ago, but I remember my relief: Wow, back to automatic again!

It’s interesting, some people enjoy the slow-down induced by manual lenses, but in general I don’t. I see something that catches my eye, I want to take an image quickly, and while doing so, I want to concentrate on framing only.

Slowing the process down does not make my images better. It does not cause me to spend more time thinking about the image and its intended composition. It just distracts me. How’s it for you?