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4035 – Sitting Around Hanging

I’ve seen this peculiar kind of presentation before, and I’ve even taken an image of it. I also know that I’ve seen it recently, but quickly scrolling through the pictures of up to 2009, I thought I’ve missed it and gave up.

In the end I searched my own blog for posts with the tag “mannequin”, and sure enough, among the first hits it was, “2422 – You Keep Me Hangin’ On“, taken in Villach in 2013. Looks like a pretty good reason to keep blogging, if you ask me 🙂

3622 – The Rusty Old Bike

There’s a deplorable scarcity of bicycles where I live and work now. You’ve heard my lament 🙂

On the other hand, sometimes you find them where you wouldn’t expect it. Here for instance is one mounted to the top of a fence at a restaurant.

There was really no good angle for a decent background. I let the 75/1.8 take care of the problem. The lines in the background are from the railing of a bridge. Unfortunately nothing could be done about them. Cloning was out of the question 🙂

3545 – Set the Sails!

These images have been taken in the second orangerie, a room with the same fascinating windows.

It houses orange and lemon trees as well as some other mediterranen plants that wouldn’t survive Austrian winters outside.

The draperies hung near some of the windows seem to provide shadow for the most delicate plants. I find it beautiful how they are not just white sheets of cloth, but look like billowing sails on the Goddess of Spring’s own ship.

3540 – Easter Wreaths

On Sunday I have returned from Aix-en-Provence after a hot and sunny week.

Sunday evening we were sill able to dine on the terrace, but already dark storm clouds loomed in the west.

Today, Monday as of this writing, it is rainy and cold. I still have a week in Carinthia and I would have hoped for better weather 🙂

The images are from my trip to Schloss Hof shortly after Easter. At least here we have plenty of vivid colors.

3517 – The Altar

It was that time of the year again, Easter, and as every year we had a look at some of Carinthia’s Lenten veils. In the past two years I’ve shown some of the oldest, this year we have two modern ones, created by Valentin Oman, a carinthian painter of considerable fame.

The church here, as in the last two posts, by the way, is in Eisenkappel/Železna Kapla, a small town in south-east Carinthia. Not only is the veil by Oman, so are the windows.

We were there more or less around noon. The strong sunlight coming through the blue and yellow windows created something of a white-balancing nightmare. These two images are the fruit of my struggle. Especially the last one was pure horror, because the inner portal from anteroom into nave was naturally lit from outside, overly bright and of completely different color temperature.

In the end I can say that these images don’t look like it did when I was there. They look better. Much better 🙂

I suppose the right time to visit this church for an image of the veil is the evening. At that time the altar will be lit and the veil must really glow in bright colors. As it was, in that mix of colored light through the windows, the veil looked pale and more like dirty canvas 😀

By the way, all processing was done in Lightroom only.