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1351 – Darkness, Darkness

The two villages down along the coast from Sestri Levante, Moneglia and Fornaci, are only accessible from the north via two long tunnels.

Each of those tunnels is actually a succession of tunnels, with the longest one maybe four kilometers long, and the interesting thing is, that they have only one lane. There are semaphores on each side and fixed times when they go green.

Here you see the entrance to the first tunnel in Riva, a part of Sestri Levante with a long beach and some ugly industry, most likely wharves. There is a minimum speed of 40 km/h in the tunnels and a maximum of 60 km/h.

After having arrived in Moneglia, I thought that it was a shame that I had no images of the tunnel itself, so I set the camera to manual focus, high speed continuous mode, speed priority with 1/250s, f2.8 and hoped for the best.

In the next long tunnel I was prepared. I only had to raise the camera through the car’s open roof, press the shutter and see what I get. It was not even distracting from driving. But then, I probably wouldn’t do it with a policeman in sight πŸ™‚

The image with the boats was taken in Sestri Levante, after sundown on our last evening there.

The Song of the Day is “Darkness, Darkness” from the Cowboy Junkies’ 2004 album “One Soul Now”. This is some more music that I learned to know via Bill Birtch’s blog. Thank you Bill πŸ™‚

YouTube has the song.

527 – Meet Me In The Dark

The snow had finally gone away by today’s late afternoon, though it was a bleak and dreary day, and I had not gone out photographing at all. And then, in the evening it began to … snow? Not exactly what I call an easter weekend πŸ™‚

In the evening, when I really should have been desperate for an image, this one just happened. I went up the stairs to the first floor, when I saw the light glowing through the window of glass bricks, painting a pattern of light and shadow on the landing. This is a 10s exposure from the tripod. Nikon 18-200 VR at 44mm and f8.

Meet Me In The Dark” is maybe the most beautiful song on Melissa Etheridge’s 2004 album “Lucky“. It’s unbelievable that until two years ago this wonderful singer has completely escaped my radar. Well, not so any more. See the video on YouTube.

388 – Not Dark Yet

Some days ago Ted said in a comment on pnf’s blog that “fall is more powerful than spring except for a tiny defect… It lacks a happy ending”. So true πŸ™‚

This image was shot at about 5pm, a time when I frequently leave work, and though it had not been dark yet, it was getting there. Daylight saving time (we call it “summertime” around here) has ended a week ago, and from now on much of what I’ll be presenting, will necessarily be dark. No, don’t worry, this is no depression, no, absolutely … almost … not. At least not a big one. Hmph.

The Song of the Day is Bob Dylan’s “Not Dark Yet” from 1997’s “Time Out Of Mind“. See him perform it live here, there or elsewhere.