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3895 – The Slightly Less Fishy Side of Loreta

Ok, I’ve played around a bit with DxO and Lightroom. For your reference, here is yesterday’s image again.

If we ignore the different colors and looks, what remains is an effect that I find quite pleasing. Yes, we lose a little bit on the sides and at the top, but the result does indeed look much more natural.

Is it worth it using the fisheye along with DxO and some extra treatment in Lightroom over, say, the rectilinear 7-14/2.8? Well, probably not, but then, if we see it as just one more tool in our set, I think there’s nothing wrong with it. And yes, of course all those software tricks cost you some ultimate sharpness, but so do in-camera corrections. Do I care? Nope. Not at all.

3894 – The Fishy Side of Loreta

I felt I needed to mention the lens used in yesterday’s post. This certainly wouldn’t have been necessary today.

Years ago, in “Photoshop times”, I had a plugin called “FisheyeHemi”. It did some magic to partially remove the distortion along one axis, while at the same time maintaining most of the lens’ extended angle of view.

DxO can do something similar. I’ve just tried to play around a little with “Volume Deformation” in the variant of “Horizontal +200” and “Vertical +200”. Add a little keystone correction and the result is, that the verticals in the center are almost straight, while those at the sides are still bent as hell. It’s a nice effect. Maybe I’ll experiment a little bit more with it tomorrow.

3890 – The Temple in the Cloister

Originally a cloister was meant as a silent place of meditation, but clearly, as we see so often, this is a demonstration of wealth and power, meant to impress the visitor.

Again, for an unexpected church, this is amazing. Loreta alone would have been be worth the trip from Vienna.

By the way, having just read the German version of the Wikipedia page that I’v linked to in yesterday’s post, I can now say that the Italian church was in Loreto in the province of Ancona.

3889 – The Temple

I had no idea that this church even exists. It’s called Loreta. That’s a kind of church dedicated to the house of the Virgin Mary.

Well, what I’ve called a “temple” here, symbolizes the “Santa Casa”, in German often called the “Holy Hut”. Certainly kind of a nice hut, I’m sure you agree 🙂

Here in Prague it is in the center of a cloister. I don’t know if it’s always in a monastery, but I suppose it is. I’ve only seen one such church before, in a small city in Italy. It may have been in Perugia, and if not, it was at least not far from there.