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3629 – Shady Corners

Again this is no image taken with the PEN-F. There won’t be any until mid-winter. But we can talk about it. Let’s see what else is interesting.

The viewfinder is a step back from the VF-4 that I bought with the PEN E-P5. No denial, it is smaller. It does not stick out from the camera though. In fact the whole camera looks smaller and much more retro.

Instead of a Gariz case (like for the E-P5) I bought the original Olympus metal grip instead. It has the same huge price as the very elegant Gariz leather half-case, but it gives better hold. Both have an opening in the bottom plate that allows access to the battery and (theoretically) the SD card.

Why I say theoretically? Well, it does so, but you’d have to have very small fingers. I could get the SD card out of the E-P5 in the Gariz case, but I can’t get it out of the PEN with the Olympus grip.

That’s stupid. I mean, it would have been perfectly possible to make the opening big enough for the door to the battery/card compartment to open wider. They didn’t. It’s hard to imagine that nobody had issues with that during testing, but even if so, they must have chosen to ignore it. For a $130 piece of alumunium this is unacceptable. What do I? I’ve put a pair of pincers into my bag. Problem solved, albeit in a most embarrassing way πŸ™‚

2830 – The Part That Really Matters

When I took this image one morning a few weeks ago, I was on my way to see the doctor for a prescription. I used the car and I had passed that point pretty often by now, but at that time the light was absolutely magical. I had to stop the car and take an image.

At home, when looking at the image, all the magic was gone. The colors were flat, the shadows much too dark, the highlights already losing detail, it was a mess.

Days later I got back to the image because it was raining and I was bored. I tried a few things, completely altered the tonal distribution, changed color balance to bring out the reds, and suddenly, suddenly the magic came back. Suddenly I was able to see why I had taken the image in the first place.

This is not a matter of right or wrong. The camera may have recorded the image in a way that is more true to reality than my own version, but the part that really matters is, that I was there and what the camera recorded is not what I remember. What I remember is what I see now.

The Song of the Day is “The Part That Really Matters” from the Proclaimers album “This Is The Story”. Hear it on YouTube.

2829 – Walls Come Tumbling Down!

Don’t believe me? Just wait a little. All of them do. Babylon’s walls did, Rome’s walls did, Byzantium’s did. They all do. In the long run, hiding behind walls is utterly pointless – but human. That’s what we have to work on πŸ™‚

The Song of the Day is “Walls Come Tumbling Down” from the Style Council album “Our Favourite Shop”. Hear it on YouTube.

2828 – Carried

I have all my recent images on Flickr, but normally from my blog I link to versions of them on my own server, filed under names of my own choosing. The reason is, that from Flickr file names it is impossible to find out what the actual image is. Of course one can look at the image in a browser, but what if the account were suddenly deleted? Flickr out of business? Worse things than those have unexpectedly happened, and just in case I am prepared.

I was lucky once to have been able to figure out the file naming schema of SmugMug when I was forced to change ships, I wouldn’t want to ever risk it again. Imagine the HTML source of 2828 blog posts, all linking to at least one image, and you have no idea which. You know you have the image on your hard drive, you can even approximately tell from the post’s date what likely candidates would be, but due to the sheer amount of posts that would be a task doomed to fail.

Well, today the image displayed is one hosted on Flickr. The reason is, that I have rotated it after uploading it to my own host but before uploading it to Flickr. This rotated version is it, that on Flickr entered Explore and was carried to 11.000 views and 90 faves so far. My own preference? Irrelevant. You can’t argue with 11.000 views πŸ˜€

The Song of the Day is “Carried” by K T Tunstall. Hear it on YouTube.

1008 – Morning Glory

It’s already Sunday and I’m so much behind. Sorry for that, I ran pretty out of time. That’s for quiet weekends πŸ™‚

This image was taken Friday morning on my way to work. I actually thought all the time I would take another image, one of the current mirror series, but when it turned out worse than expected, I instead found that I really like this one for a certain quietude in it and for its composition in general.

The Song of the Day is “Morning Glory” from the 1967 Blood, Sweat & Tears debut album “Child Is Father to the Man”. Hear it on Deezer.

570 – At The Corner

This is the image for yesterday. I still had the Sigma 10-20 mounted and I said to myself, heck, why not try using that lens in the streets again? I haven’t done that in a long time, and it sure felt … alien?

Well, you must know that I use the 10-20mm zoom mostly like a 10mm prime. Normally I zoom this lens only if I absolutely must. I simply love the wild abundance of lines, the distortions, the unreal effects that you get.

Only that it didn’t work that way yesterday. In fact, this is the only image that I feel confident of releasing. I like the split-toned B&W version better than the original. It has a more old-fashioned look, something that contrasts nicely with the rather not so conventional distortions. All in all I think it’s a nice result for a day that saw me completely at odds with my lens and uninspired as well.

The Song of the Day is “Coles Corner“, the title song of Richard Hawley’s 2005 album of the same name. See the video on YouTube.