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392 – Door Peep Shall Not Enter

This is a door to the “Palace of Justice”, a building we already had some times, a building where behind closed doors wise and true man stand, sipping from the cup of peace (or is it coffee?).

The Song of the Day is “Door Peep“, this time not from Burning Spear but from Sinéad O’Connor on her fantastic 2005 reggae album “Throw Down Your Arms“.

304 – I’m Coming Down With The Blues

It’s 5am, I have fallen asleep while preparing images (“just a minute on the sofa while it’s sharpening”) and woke up only an hour ago. Oh well, let’s keep this short 🙂

I shot this image yesterday on my way home in Kaiserstraße. This street only in certain parts slowly manages to recover. When, after the long years of Underground construction, Mariahilferstraße again came to splendor and fame, there was simply no room for the mostly small, family-run shops in Kaiserstraße. Many of them closed down, and though in some places they were replaced by restaurants, and some even by new shops, there was never again the right mix that would attract the critical mass of buyers needed to sustain the quarter.

This is the grille of one of those run-down, closed for years shops. I shot it with the Sigma 10-20 at 10mm, f8 and ISO 1600.

It’s funny. In the meantime I have all of Marcia Ball’s records, this is the third time we have her, and always it’s the first album I’ve got, the 2001 release “Presumed Innocent“. I can’t give you lyrics, sorry, but the Louisiana style Rhythm & Blues number “I’m Coming Down With The Blues”, a Don Covay song from 1960, is the Song of the Day.