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2197 – I Am Waiting II

This is the image for Monday. It’s Wednesday night, technically it’s already Thursday, and again I try to catch up.

Actually I am not waiting. I’ve been, but since Monday I own one of these superb Olympus 75/1.8 lenses. These are the first images taken with it.

By now I have already sold quite some Nikon equipment, the 18-200 VR, the 70-300 VR, the 35/1.8, the 50/1.8D, the 85/1.8D, the Tokina 11-16/2.8 and the Sigma 10-20, and instead of saving the money up, I have immediately invested in two lenses, the Olympus 12/2.0 and now the 75/1.8. Both are superb, the 75/1.8 certainly being one of the best lenses I’ve ever had.

You’ve probably read the reviews anyway, most finding no other fault than the not included lens hood, but that’s just standard Olympus policy and no flaw of the lens itself. I don’t mind, I have not bought lens hoods for any of my Olympus lenses, neither the 12/2.0 nor the 45/1.8 nor this one, and so far I never missed them. It just makes the lenses easier to pack.

Oh, by the way, in the last post I’ve hinted at a possible bag problem, and I am glad to say I could avoid it one more time. The Panasonic 14/2.5 is so tiny that I could relegate it to a pocket in the lid of my bag that’s actually meant for storage cards, thus I have freed one compartment, and with some re-shuffling I have managed to put the OM-D and six lenses into my small bag. It’s a total of 2 kg now, still portable but now slowly approaching a border I don’t want to cross.

I plan to buy at least one more lens, namely the upcoming Olympus 17/1.8, a lens that’s reported to be built to the same high standard as the 12/2.0 and the 75/1.8. If I do so, the Panasonic 20/1.7 will be sold, and most likely the 14/2.5 as well. It just does not make sense to carry three primes within such a small range of focal lengths.

Just as in “1293 – I Am Waiting“, the Song of the Day is “I Am Waiting” from the 1966 Rolling Stones album “Aftermath”. Hear it on YouTube.