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3548 – The Art of Balance

I like these compositions. I think they are balanced and nicely fit in their respective frames.

In other news you may have heard that our presidential election between the final two candidates, Norbert Hofer and Alexander Van der Bellen, has to be repeated. After Hofer lost, his party, the right-populist FPÖ, appealed, and they did so by submitting a 150 pages tome of collected “irregularities”. And formally they were right.

For instance, the law says that counting of postal ballots must not begin before Monday, 9 am. In some districts they began earlier due to the immense pressure of having to provide early results.

In some cases the election supervisor did not wait for the official witnesses but used public servants as witnesses. Again that’s against the rules.

In its opinion the constitutional court finally gave one reason that alone would have rectified the annulment, and that was the fact that from 1 pm on preliminary results had been given to political parties and to scientists for the purpose of making projections. That’s also against a strict reading of the rules.

The problem is, every past election of the last 20 years has been executed that way. It was the consensus. It was accepted by all parties, FPÖ included. Now they broke the consensus.

Every political party could have done the same thing after every past election. They didn’t because it was just the way things were done – and by and large it worked perfectly.

Now you may ask, why did FPÖ break the consensus? For their voters they insinuate electional fraud, but in all their 150 pages they did not find a single incident that would point to fraud.

Meanwhile Erich Neuwirth, a professor emeritus of statistics and computer science at the University of Vienna, has demonstrated conclusively on his blog, that all disputed districts statistically lie in the mainstream. If you assume a manipulation to the amount that would have changed the result, all of those districts would have to have been extreme outliers before the manipulation. In other words, the insinuation of fraud is pretty laughable when you look at the hard facts.

Furthermore, even the witnesses of FPÖ have all signed under oath that everything went according to rules. Some of them may even face persecution. Therefore again: why did they do that?

I think the answer is, that they feel they are very near to their goal. Europe is crumbling, the Brits are out (are they?), France might fall to Marine Le Pen (heaven forbid!) and in general the extreme right seems to advance everywhere. Having a partisan president who would call for early general elections in times of refugees and an economic crisis, that is just too good a chance to pass it. Therefore the heavy push, therefore this “nuclear” weapon that you can only use once.

Well, it’s our job to stand united and to just say no. Let’s re-elect Alexander Van der Bellen and let’s do it even more decisively. I think it’s time to set a signal, time to stem the brown tide. They may think so, but in reality their victory is not a historic necessity. It would rather be a freak aberration like the Nazi reign has been. Thank you, we’ve had that, no need to go that route one more time.

3547 – Orangerie and Chimney

Once more we see the second of the two orangeries, the one with the draperies.

The Image of the Day was taken with the 9-18 at 9 mm, the other one with the 60/2.8.

It’s funny that I once sold that macro and finally re-bought it when Amazon had a deal. But then, today I think much more in lens combinations than in absolute focal lengths. Sure, 60/2.8 could be seen as redundant between 45/1.8 and 75/1.8, especially when one does not take macro images, but now I just see it as a lighter alternative to the 75.

Well, maybe these are the rationalization games I began to play, once the number of lenses surpassed what I was willing to carry 😀

725 – Who By Fire

In a comment to “723 – The Morning Fog III” Deb jokingly remarked that the image was not tilted. Interestingly enough it was, although only slightly and to fight an optical illusion that would have made a perfectly straight horizon look like running out. You know what I mean, the variant that looks accidental.

Well, the tilt is back and with a vengeance. These are images from Tuesday, the day my computer died. Yesterday I had almost posted them unprocessed, but now that I see them after some Photoshop work, I am glad I didn’t.

At the moment I’m on the train to Carinthia, having processed eight images in the last four hours, and now I’m beginning to catch up on the blog entries. The titles are found, the music clips as well, thus you’ll get two more entries tonight.

What’s the state of affairs? Well, the new computer is up and running, but this morning I’ve taken the new terabyte drive out once more. It is now in my bag to be filled in Carinthia. There is still no Photoshop, IMatch image database or any image related software on the new computer. This will eat up my evenings when I return to Vienna.

The Song of the Day is “Who By Fire“, originally from the 1974 Leonard Cohen album “New Skin for the Old Ceremony“, but the version that I want you to see so badly is from a TV show in the late 1980s. Head over to YouTube and see and hear a once-in-a-lifetime performance.

… time passes …

You know, some days are better than others – and some plainly suck. Trying to get my eight images from the laptop to the desktop computer I found that WiFi failed for whatever reason, my portable hard drive is still in Vienna and my CF card seems to have died as well. Talk about a series 🙂

Sorry, it’s 2am now, no more posts today, I am too tired. See you tomorrow with hopefully at least two posts.