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2154 – Cartwheels

Here’s an image taken Monday afternoon in Vienna’s seventh district, the center of alternative lifestyle.

I’d really love to have an image without that cup, but when I tried in a second attempt, a woman arrived by bicycle and slowly began to fasten it to the railing. I was in a hurry and couldn’t wait, thus we have to live with the cup πŸ™‚

Just like in “1758 – The Pink Cart“, the Song of the Day is “cartwheels” from the 2004 Patti Smith album “trampin'”. Hear it on YouTube.

2048 – Shoplifters Of The World Unite III

Today I was totally uninspired. I rose late, couldn’t make myself get out, and when I finally did, I had no idea where to go, what to take photos of. I knew I had to go to the supermarket, so eventually I did. I had the full intention to give up and to use one of the images from my archives, but then, when I went to fetch a cart, I saw the pattern of that mass of carts, neatly stacked, lined up, but still forming a curve.

I tried three different lenses, the 45/1.8, the 14/2.5, and in the end I settled with the 40-150.

While we are at shopping, you may know that I’ve recently finished Asimov’s “Foundation” series, including the so-called “Second Foundation” trilogy. Much could be said about that, but that’s for another day.

I have still one Asimov left, “The End Of Eternity”, not directly part of “Foundation”, but closely related, and I want to save it for later. For now I crave for something completely different, the “Dying Earth” series by Jack Vance.

In my youth I have owned (but strangely never read) three books by Jack Vance in German translation: “The Gray Prince” and the first two of the three “Alastor” novels.

You know, I have given up on plastic and paper. When earlier I used to buy CDs and physical books, I now buy MP3s and eBooks. Thus I wanted to buy the four “Dying Earth” books as eBooks. What else?

Here I encountered a tiny little problem. Book one, “The Dying Earth”, is sold on Jack Vance’s own web site under his preferred title “Mazirian the Magician”. Unfortunately it’s the only one. For the missing books Vance directs us to Amazon and to the eBook series “Gateway“.

Indeed they have many books by Jack Vance, but of the Dying Earth series they have only three. Creatively they omit book #3 of the tetralogy. Is that cool? How can that be? What do they think? Do they think? Oh my!

Well, that’s it. The 50 books “Fantasy Masterworks” series has as book #4 the omnibus edition “Tales of the Dying Earth”, but unfortunately it is paper only. I really was pissed.

Can you remember the Oatmeal comic about the “Game of Thrones” TV series? Well, what could I do? I bought books #1, #2 and #4, and then I searched for an eBook of “Tales of the Dying Earth”. Surprisingly, although I did not find it for sale, I found it for free on a file hosting site, ALONG WITH ALL OTHER 49 BOOKS OF THE “Fantasy Masterworks” SERIES!!!! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Stupid, huh? And it’s not a scan of dubious quality. As far as I can tell, it must be a regular eBook, probably sold in some market other than mine. Really, I’m so sick of it, this industry is even more stupid than the rest of the content industry. It’s a disgrace! C’mon guys, I’m totally willing and able to buy, you just have to offer the goods. If you don’t and if I resort to what you try to make the world call piracy, just shut up and don’t complain. You’ve had your chance. Nobody forced you to apply for the Darwin Award.

The Song of the Day is “Shoplifters Of The World Unite“, this time from Morrissey’s 2008 album “Live At Earls Court”. See him perform live in Manchester.

1432 – Re-Make/Re-Model II

I suppose all the Canon users among you couldn’t care less. Well, you probably could if you were an Olympus user. But for the Nikonians among us this was an interesting day.

It’s Photokina again, and this time Nikon has presented two very expensive lenses, the long expected 35/1.4 and the prohibitively expensive new version of the 200/2.0 VR II. That’s not the interesting point though. It’s the new camera, the D7000, the official successor to the very successful D90, that got all the attention.

The D7000 has a 100% viewfinder, something that the D90 had not. It has a magnesium alloy body, just like the D300(s). It has support for metering with AI and AI-S manual focus lenses. It has the virtual horizon, the best video of any current Nikon, it has 16 megapixel, ISO 6400 is a regular value and Hi-2 now goes up to ISO 25600, it has AF fine tuning, and it will be available at $1200. That is cheaper than the D300s, while it certainly will have better image quality.

Sounds like a no-brainer, huh? Indeed, this is the best camera in that price segment. In fact there are only two features of the D300, that the new D7000 does not have. First is the 51 point auto-focus. 35 points are not shabby and with my shooting style I won’t recognize the difference, but nevertheless. It’s the second though, that breaks the deal for me:

It’s trivial. It is a deliberate castration of an otherwise incredibly good camera. It’s only a software issue, and it wouldn’t cost Nikon a Yen to support it. Fact is, they see it as a distinguishing trait of their professional models, and that is, that you can program the OK button (center of the 4-way selector) to magnify the image to 100%.

I may be stupid, but I can’t live without that. It’s great. It’s brilliant. It’s the only way it can be. Uhh … not that I have any need for a new camera (on the other hand, don’t we always like new cameras?), but I really, really like this D7000. Still, without that button, no way.

It was a similar situation with the D700. OK, it was expensive, OK, I would have had a wide-angle problem, but the D700 lacks one other thing that I can’t live without, and that is the 100% viewfinder. Similar with the D3. It lacked sensor cleaning. The D3s has everything and it is the ideal camera, only that I can’t afford it. Well, I could, but it would be stupid for someone who does not earn real money with his images. Thus you see me waiting for the D400.

Will it come? Some people say that there is not much left, that the D7000 does not have. Some say the D300s was the last professional DX camera made by Nikon. I say I don’t believe it. Some more speed, some more focus points, as long as I don’t lose anything of what I have, these features will be enough for me to shell out the money. Sometime in Spring I think. Everybody else who is not spoilt by that damn button, go and buy a D7000. This is an incredibly hot camera, if there ever was one πŸ™‚

The Song of the Day is one more time “Re-Make/Re-Model” from the self-titled Roxy Music debut album. Hear it on YouTube.