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1676 – Shallow Water

This is a place where I’ve been before and that you’ve seen first in “987 – It’s A Green Dream II” and then, a year later, in the second and third image of “1330 – How Much Can You Take?“.

I don’t particularly like the 2009 version (made with the Tokina 11-16 at 11 mm), but the ultra-wide 2010 version is clearly my favorite. Today’s image (well, actually yesterday’s, as it’s already Sunday afternoon) was made with the LX5 at its widest. Of course 24 mm can’t compete with 8 mm for drama, but I still like the result.

In both images I had to cope with an abundance of contrast, in all three images I had to decide about the color look. Maybe this latest version, although it has a yellowish cast, is the most natural. Under a roof of sunlit leaves you simply have to accept a cast. It’s the color of light.

The Song of the Day is “Shallow Water Suite” from Cubanismo’s 2000 album “Mardi Gras Mambo”. It was not available on YouTube or elsewhere, thus I have uploaded it myself. Unfortunately it is blocked worldwide. WMG, what have I expected? Obviously the album sells so well, that selling a few more would have made the coffers at WMG’s corporate headquarters overflow. Or something like that. Oh dear!!!

987 – It’s A Green Dream II

Weather is changing rapidly at the moment. I used a short period of sunshine, to go swimming and make some images. This is another experiment with the new plugins: Topaz Adjust and Snap Art. It is clear now that I will buy both. I still have to look into the other Topaz plugins, Clean and Simplify may be useful in some situations.

I always use these effects in separate layers, combine different effects from the same or different filters, and use varying opacities, sometimes dependent on tonal value (Blend-If sliders) and masks. You see, I’m pretty much afraid of using canned effects and producing generic looks 🙂

The Song of the Day is again “It’s A Green Dream” from Paolo Conte’s 2000 album “Razmataz”. This time I have a video for you. Love this song!