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3846 – Night Walk

This is the famous Charles Bridge, where you see tourists all through the day and most of the night. It’s the most famous and most beautiful connection between Old Town and Lesser Quarter.

I really like the colors in this image. Of course they are completely faked, but they look natural nevertheless.

What I did was to go down with the color temperature all the way until the wall of the tower in the middle looked good. I can’t remember exactly, but I must have taken out a lot of blue, though that still left me with a lot of greenish ghostly yellow. A drastic shift of the yellows towards red did the trick. DxO’s PRIME noise reduction took care of noise and color purity. Again, I think the result looks vivid and natural. Not at all the fake that it is 🙂

3791 – The Bridge

Maribor in Slovenija is a beautiful town not far away from the Austrian border. It lies at the same river Drau/Drava as Villach, only about 150 km downstream. It’s one of those towns that not only nominally lie at a river, it’s one of those that really make use of that position.

You don’t see the promenade in this image, you don’t see the the restaurants and cafés along that promenade, but they are what make the difference.

Historically it’s of course understandable. Today’s rivers are regulated and relatively safe. You see the perils of building too near the river in some of those cities that are situated at the confluence of two or sometimes three rivers. The city of Steyr in Austria is regularly flooded and so is Passau in Germany.

In Maribor the main city is safe at something like 30 meters above river level. A cascade of restaurants and cafés, warehouses and workshops falls down to the river, and that’s where the most beautiful spots are.

3619 – On a Small Bridge

I write this text on my way to Vienna. For Thursday, Amazon has promised me delivery of a new toy. Chances are, I already have it when you read this post.

Remember my speculations about this fall’s gadgets? Hmm … speculating must have put me in the mood 🙂

I knew I would buy it some time, but actually I expected to buy it used in a year or so. Anyway, I finally ordered an Olympus PEN-F! Who would have thought that? I certainly wouldn’t 😀