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430 – Safe European Home

Do you see the spikes on this fence? They’re not a warning, they’re meant to hurt. We know how to protect our riches, don’t we?

Austria is currently in a very xenophobic and racist mood. In the ranking of richest nations in Europe we have risen to #4, strongly helped by our economic successes in the former communist states of eastern Europe. Hey, we took your money, so can you keep off our front lawn please?

We have one of the most restrictive laws against immigration, we even can’t allow computer scientists on a conference on computer science. Why? Oh, they were black. From Africa! Eeeek!

No, no, I must be mis-informed. Of course there must have been reasons. Objective reasons, what else? I mean, how hard is it, to find a reason when you make the rules? They’re not stupid, those guys who protect us from the evil influences of black computer voodoo.

Safe European Home” from the Clash’s 1978 album “Give ’em Enough Rope” is the Song of the Day. See it on YouTube.