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4033 – The Glass House – Scratched Edition

A few days ago I’ve looked at the stats of this blog on Statcounter.com. Oh my! It’s really good that I don’t care any more 😀

Basically it’s at around 30 average daily unique visits with 33.5 average page views. In 2009 that were 158 and 200, and when I ran tutorials or gear reviews, then I had highs between 3k and 4k on certain days.

I don’t do that any more and it shows. On the other hand, you can do only so many things in a short life time. Why waste it on always the same?

Again, I don’t care. There is no magic in accumulating hits. It’s just providing content that people want to see, promoting that content, and putting lots of work into it. And that exactly is what I currently don’t want to do 🙂

It’s not even the work, it’s the content as well. Content people want to see, that is frequently not content that I want to produce. Sure, I could write reviews, especially of exotic pieces of equipment, that hardly anyone writes about. For instance I have bought a Mitakon 20mm F2 4.5x macro lens in January.

It’s probably one of my less successful purchases, because when I found out that it can’t focus beyond a few centimeters, I put it back into its box and on a shelf. There it’s collecting dust. I could as well have put it on a camera, the camera on a tripod, and then started to get creative with flowers or all kinds of small objects. It would have made an interesting review, and for such an exotic lens it would likely have been one of only a handful of reviews on the Internet.

Hmm … it even begins to sound interesting, but don’t count on it 😀

4032 – A Sea Of Flowers II

Flowers! I mean, how on earth can you be original with that? Turns out I can’t, but a lot of people can. I’m pretty sure though, they’ve spent at least as much time taking pictures of flowers, as I’ve spent taking pictures of bicycles.

Speaking of bicycles: you know, I don’t see that many of them where I live and work now, and therefore they have practically vanished from my work. Maybe I should more often get into Vienna’s center again and – most importantly – take my time when I’m there.

At the moment I am looking through my old images. There are a little more than 7000 since 2006, that have been processed and mostly used on this blog. Since I bought the new iPad, I’ve put all of them on the tablet, and while I was at it, I’ve put them on the Mac and on my phone as well. Which means: I’ve started to browse them again.

I haven’t done that at any time. There were too many of them for my small devices. Now my phone has 64 GB, that’s enough for my images, the German Wikipedia (without pictures), plenty of Kindle books, all of my productivity apps, offline maps, and I still have 16 GB of free memory.

At the moment I have finished browsing through the images of 2006 through 2009. Lots of bicycles, lots of shallow DOF, lots of creativity. Hmm … compared to 2009, my current work looks pretty bland. And I guess that’s what it is. I think I should really put more time into photography again, do it more regularly again, daily even 🙂

4031 – A Sea Of Flowers I

More or less once a year I make a trip to Blumengärten (flower gardens) Hirschstätten.

“Trip” is actually too big a word for that. By foot I could get there from work in 20 minutes, and if I need to make haste, I can take a bus. Still, I don’t do it more often.

Sometimes though I have a strong desire for colors 🙂

2477 – Summer Days IV

Here is the last wallpaper for now, again with the full size on Flickr.

Meadows like this one are almost too good to be true, and if you doubt its fully natural origin, you are absolutely right. The image, like the water lilies in the previous three posts, was taken in a park called Blumengärten Hirschstätten. That’s where the municipal gardeners cultivate the flowers that get planted all over Vienna throughout the year.

It’s a nice place with not only glass houses, but a number of demonstration gardens showing off flowers, typically Viennese vineyards, orchards full of heritage fruit trees, a bamboo forest, a paleozoic area, a park in French style, a labyrinth, a Mexican and a mediterranean area, a pond with lilies, and there is even a wedding pavillion. Pretty cool, and I guess I’ll come back soon. It’s not even far from where I live. In fact it’s little more than a short walk.

One last time the Song of the Day is “Summer Days” from the 2013 Camper Van Beethoven album “La Costa Perdida”. Hear it live on YouTube.

2476 – Summer Days III

More water lilies anybody? Here are some, taken with my by far cheapest lens, the all-plastic Olympus 40-150. See in the full size on Flickr whether the image quality is cheap as well.

Like for the other wallpapers, I have omitted my usual white border. That makes it easier to use the image as a desktop background.

Throughout this mini-series of wallpapers, the Song of the Day is “Summer Days” from the 2013 Camper Van Beethoven album “La Costa Perdida”. Hear it live on YouTube.

2475 – Summer Days II

This is the next one in this mini series of wallpapers. Same pond, same flowers, only this time it’s my currently widest lens, the Olympus 12/2.0. Again you find the full size on Flickr.

In case you wonder, no, I didn’t use a polarizer. Not because I generally dislike them, rather just because I currently don’t own any that fit on my tiny lenses. I’ve done some things in Lightroom though. Mostly it’s pulling the highlights back to -100, pushing them back up selectively where I feel it’s needed (for instance the white flowers), de-saturating the blues, shifting them slightly towards magenta, increasing vibrance, using a radial filter, and in general trying to create a pleasing tonal distribution along with vibrant but still believable colors. Hmm … maybe a polarizer would have been easier 😀

The Song of the Day is still “Summer Days” from the 2013 Camper Van Beethoven album “La Costa Perdida”. Hear it live on YouTube.