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4079 – In A Scary Place I

There is just one room left with the remains of former cells. This is the room.

The cells are dark and small. Each of them held six people. It looks pretty much as the cells in Auschwitz. It’s a nasty architecture designed to systematically hurt and break people.

The Risiera was one of the places where Odilo Globocnik reigned with terror. Historian Michael Allen described him as “the vilest individual in the vilest organization ever known“. It doesn’t exactly make me proud that Globocnik, born here in Trieste, at the age of 15 moved to Klagenfurt, my home town in Carinthia, where he was socialized and from where he joined the Nazis.

3987 – Snow Among the Trees

Last winter we didn’t have much snow, or better, what snow we had, we didn’t have for long.

What you see here is from mid-January. Within a day quite a lot of wet snow had fallen, and a few days later it was aready gone.

Or at least that’s what I thought to remember. I don’t have taken images daily those days, but from what I see now, we seem to have had at least a month of continually white landscape. Strange how memory fails 🙂

3940 – Waves

Yesterday my friend Ted Byrne, Artist and blogger from Lancaster, PA, was here in Vienna and I’ve shown him a few places. We’ve talked a lot about politics, art and of course photography. Black and white vs color was among our topics, and this is one more example for why I use B&W:

The image simply didn’t work in color. First there was not much color to begin with, and then I had to selectively push exposure and increase contrast, for instance to bring out the structure of the reflections on the lower side of the blades. That’s the kind of operation that ruins every color consistency and, frankly, it also raises noise. None of that is a problem in B&W.