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3622 – The Rusty Old Bike

There’s a deplorable scarcity of bicycles where I live and work now. You’ve heard my lament 🙂

On the other hand, sometimes you find them where you wouldn’t expect it. Here for instance is one mounted to the top of a fence at a restaurant.

There was really no good angle for a decent background. I let the 75/1.8 take care of the problem. The lines in the background are from the railing of a bridge. Unfortunately nothing could be done about them. Cloning was out of the question 🙂

3573 – Got to Grow

It’s peaceful here in rich Vienna. Children have their colored bicycles and everything is sleepy and silent.

This is the same world and the same small continent as the one where terrorists have started to kill people every few weeks. It’s the same place as the one where xenophobia has started to cancel all altruism.

I think as a species we still have a long way to go. Instead we inevitably slip into evitabilities – just like on the verge of World War I. Everybody knows it’s stupid what we do, nobody wants to be the first to draw consequences. Lemmings we are, seeingly heading towards the cliff.