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3700 РBaptistery and Cathedral in Fr̩jus

The cloister was more important to us than the church, and because the tourist office, our entrance to the cloister, closed at noon, we started there and visited the church later.

Well, it was slightly anticlimactic. The baptistery, the oldest part of the church, originates from the fifth century, but you can only look into it through a scratched and smeared glass window. I’ve tried my best in post-processing, but you can only do so much to a bad image 🙂

The other thing is the church. It looks like an odd mix of architectural styles and misplaced furniture. By all means, this is one of the most ugly churches that I’ve ever visited.

I’ve spared you the baroque parts of the church, and to be honest, I’ve not even taken an image of them.

There’s one exception though. The church has two beautiful modern stained glass windows. They are not enough to save the ensemble, but at least they take away some of the pain.

3674 – Cathédrale Saint-Sauveur d’Aix-en-Provence II

I would have liked to get the image of the baptistery perfectly centered, but while it was in use, I would have had to step into the water. Today there is no water, but people toss coins into the empty basin, and therefore there is a fence around it. Impracticable to climb across 🙂

It took me a few attempts handholding the camera at arms length. This is a situation where a tilt/swivel screen like on the PEN-F or on the new OM-D E-M1 MkII excels. The tilt-only screen on the E-M1 is superior in other situations though.

Other than that: Trump! OMFG!!!

I have no idea what that means for Europe or the rest of the world. Maybe for us he is better than Hillary Clinton. It would certainly be a relief if the US would stop messing around in our periphery. I mean, Syria and Lybia were not exactly the most democratic states, but they were stable and people were not forced to leave them in masses. The Ukraine was a fairly stable country and it would have found its slow way to an association with and maybe later membership in the EU. It’s hard to see why it was necessary to initiate a régime change, and at the same time provoke Russia with something exactly like what the US found utterly unacceptable during the Cuba crisis.

Yes, an isolationist Trump may benefit the world. At least as long as he doesn’t blow it up. It’s a little bit frightening to see nuclear arms in the hands of a man with his personality.

But there’s more. He also sets a precedent by establishing a political culture, or rather a lack thereof.

We saw that in Austria with the late Jörg Haider. He was admired because he said things that nobody in the political establishment would say, and he did it in a way that everybody understood. He didn’t address an intellectual elite, he addressed those who were normally ignored by politics. He was a natural-born demagogue and he used his talents to extend the range of what could be said. It was he who again established xenophobia and hate as accepted means of politics. He died, drunk, in a car crash, but his legacy lives on. I fear so will Trump’s.