3450 – Frosty Situation II

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Mar 302016

It’s already early Spring around here, but image-wise we are just diving into Winter. Rest assured, it won’t last very long.

Actually I had already wondered whether my lust to take images was gone. Then last Saturday I made 20 images on one short walk through Villach. This is not 20 exposures taken, this is 20 images processed and ready to be used on the blog. Not all of them are first rate, but, well, neither is everything I’ve published so far. In any case, I seemingly need just a lazy hour from time to time 😀

3432 – A Rose in Autumn

 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 45 mm f/1.8  Comments Off on 3432 – A Rose in Autumn
Mar 122016

Sometimes you go to the hospital because you are ill yourself, sometimes you visit someone, but a hospital is not a typical place to go for taking photos.

It’s also not a typical place that you enjoy being in. Well, maybe our ideas of the enjoyability of places are too much tied to what we know is happening there. Sometimes it is a good idea to relax and just see.

The hospital in Villach has a nice park in front, and I knew that I would find some beautiful autumn colors there. I mostly went for the roses and I definitely found what I was looking for.

3430 – The Beauty of the Forest

 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 17mm f/1.8  Comments Off on 3430 – The Beauty of the Forest
Mar 102016

For some reason I think this is a particularly beautiful forest image. I find it harmonic and I like its colors and all, but I guess the real reason is something different.

It’s a forest like I’ve never seen it in my childhood. In Carinthia we do have deciduous trees, but they are sprinkled in between. Mostly our forests are a sea of spruces, spruces, spruces.

I knew forests like this one, but I only knew them from illustrations in fairy tales. This is a magic forest, the forest of my fairy tales. I guess that’s what makes much of the beauty that I see in this picture 🙂

3429 – Red as Fire

 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 17mm f/1.8  Comments Off on 3429 – Red as Fire
Mar 092016

This is another small trophy that I took away from Mauerbach. Sometimes I’m happy that I don’t have to print all those images. If there is anything like “Color Gamut Hell”, this must be close to it. Believe me, I know, I once printed the picture in this post, a picture now hanging on a wall in my apartment in Vienna 🙂

Mar 062016

This is a scene of perfectly beautiful serenity. Basically it’s a place where one would like to rest. The only problem is, once you’re dead, you won’t be able to enjoy it.

It’s interesting. I’ve never really understood the Catholic church’s vision of an afterlife. It’s not consistent. There’s supposed to be a Judgement Day. At that day the dead will rise from their graves and be judged. At least that’s how it is frequently depicted. Some will go to Heaven, some to Hell, and there’s also something in between, a temporary Hell, the Purgatory.

Of course the latter is a late invention of the church (see “The Birth of Purgatory” by Jacques Le Goff), but it’s still confusing.

People ask their recently deceased to pray for them. Can they? People also pray for their dead in order to shorten their stay in Purgatory. Don’t the dead sleep until Judgement Day?

When do you go to Purgatory? You’re supposed to be there for a time proportional to the sum of your sins and it seems to happen immediately after death. Is the Judgement individual? Is everybody judged after death and then sorted into one of the three slots, Heaven, Purgatory and Hell? But then, isn’t there supposed to be a resurrection of the dead, all dead, and isn’t that supposed to be followed by a general Last Judgement for all?

It turns out that everything of that has been believed at different times or even at the same time, and that even Catholic doctrine has a hard time presenting a consistent story. But then, believes and logic never go along that well 🙂

3424 – There’s Water Here

 Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 45 mm f/1.8  Comments Off on 3424 – There’s Water Here
Mar 042016

Some people think it’s morbid to take photographs on a cemetery. I’m not one of them. Actually I like cemeteries and if you’ve followed this blog for some time, you’ve seen quite a few images taken there.

Often I go with the cliché and visit them on foggy autumn days or in cold winter, but there’s no reason not to do it on a sunny autumn day.

Mar 032016

Two images of red trees, taken about a week apart, one on a sunny Carinthian day, the other on a foggy morning in Vienna.

The foggy image is more than slightly exaggerated. I remember it that way though, and only the image out of the camera was almost devoid of color.

Well, the eye is a very sensitive organ. If contrasts are low, if colors are pale, our eyes and minds just boost sensitiviy. Evolution really has made us able to detect patterns, even when absolute contrast or color differences are low. It was a matter of survival.

In comparison, sensors act just the same, regardless of what they record. In order to boost a photo sensor to the next of its 255 shades, always the same increase in the number of photons is necessary. Therefore a foggy image always looks dull. At least before you process it 🙂

And yes, I know that was unscientific and plain wrong in a number of ways 😀