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2242 – I Got Stripes II

Using digital cameras didn’t make me a B&W person either. In reality digital cameras are color devices. Well, the Leica M Monochrom is not and some CCTV cameras are not, but whatever we normally buy is meant to take color images.

Of course we can convert to B&W, many of us do, I frequently did in the past (or probably not that frequently), but there is some element of randomness in it. Starting with a RAW file you can simulate any kind of filter, any kind of development, and what you get is very much a function of your mood at the time you do the conversion, in fact much more than that at the time you took the image.

When I used digital SLRs I never saw B&W. Granted, the same is true for HCB and his Leica, but at least for me it makes much of a difference how I see the image while I frame it.

And here we are. Electronic viewfinders make the big, crucial difference. Suddenly I see in B&W, frame in B&W, suddenly I deeply enjoy making B&W images, and now the difference is, that I don’t only enjoy processing color images to B&W, but instead enjoy taking them as B&W.

Today’s image is another one taken Wednesday in Vienna.

The Song of the Day is again “I Got Stripes” from Johnny Cash’ “At Folsom Prison” album. Hear it on YouTube.