Oct 062017

This is the last image. During the concert I was not only not allowed to use my camera, I even had to leave my bag with a security officer. I got it back, no problem, but I can’t exactly say that it felt comfortable, especially as it was my most expensive camera, along with the most expensive lenses 🙂

Oct 042017

There are only so many ways to take images of the broadcast tower and the glass tent. As always with landmarks, it’s impossible to claim any originality. That’s no reason not to try though 🙂

The Image of the Day is one more example of how the extended depth of field of Micro Four Thirds cameras can work to the photographer’s advantage.

Oct 032017

In early March I’ve been in Munich’s Olympiapark to see a concert. This was 45 years after the 1972 Olympic Summer Games and 45 years after that futuristic glass tent was built.

There is a certain patina of age on the buildings, which is in a stark and interesting contrast with the radically modern architecture.

Oct 012017

This is a cheap apartment building with a nice facade, especially in this late light. I’ve seen some apartment floor plans, and they are all the same and among the worst.

Basically you have a small balcony that is the width of the whole apartment. The balcony is on the short side of a long, narrow room with no other windows. Then, in the middle of the apartment there is a bathroom without windows at all, followed by another long room with its only windows on the far side. Basically the apartments are a series of stacked tubes. It does not help either, that the balconies face a loud and busy street. Horrible.