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3833 – Got Apples

In fall 2008 we moved from “the country” to Villach. There we spent three years in one apartment until we finally moved to where we live now.

In a way I miss living in the country. I took many, many more images of trees, flowers and landscapes there. No wonder, but …

Today we have an exception. This tree is a hundred meters off the main road entering Villach from the south, maybe 150 meters further on is our apartment block. It’s near all shops, it’s only minutes to the next five supermarkets and so on, but it is almost as silent and rural as “in the country”.

Still, it makes a difference whether you only drive by those trees or if they grow in your garden. You give more attention to those in your garden 🙂

2557 – Apples And Pairs

Last weekend was rather rainy, but we had a few sunny moments.

I used one of them to take some images of an apple tree. While I was there, I met a professional camera man who made test videos with a Canon C100 Cinema EOS Camera.

This is one of Canon’s specialist video cameras based on DSLR technology. It’s an impressive piece of technology, but seeing it made me immediately love my OM-D E-M5 for its small size and low weight 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Apples And Pairs” from the 2010 Slow Club album “Yeah, So”. Hear it on YouTube.

2129 – Love Is Blindness II

As I said, no images today, but I figured two more of yesterday’s apple tree and mirror can’t be wrong.

Cassandra Wilson gave this song a peculiar melancholic feeling, very typical for her style.

On the other hand, melancholy is not Jack White’s thing 😀

The Song of the Day is again the U2 cover “Love Is Blindness“, but this time freshly recorded by Jack White. Hear it on YouTube.

2128 – Love Is Blindness I

It’s Thursday night, I’ve been working in Villach, Carinthia. In the afternoon it has been raining and cooling down.

No images today, a small, crooked apple tree, a blind mirror and five minutes yesterday will have to do for two posts.

This is a traffic mirror, positioned on the outside of a curve, intended to make joining the road safe – only that it is blind as a mole 🙂

The Song of the Day is the U2 cover “Love Is Blindness” from Cassandra Wilson’s 1995 album “New Moon Daughter”. Enjoy it on YouTube, we’ll come back to the song in the next post.

2114 – Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree

Today’s images were taken near the spot where I took yesterday’s, only a few hundred meters east along the street.

The main difference is, that I really went swimming today, while I had given up after photographing yesterday. Why? Because I had been eaten alive by mosquitos, that’s why 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree” by the Andrews Sisters. See a video from 1942 on YouTube.