Jun 082017

Let’s have some more of those gorgeous glass windows, shall we? In many cities in central Europe, glass windows have not survived World War II. This is especially true for most of Germany and Austria, but it’s also true for much of the occupied territories. It may also be true for parts of southern England. Aerial bombardments and glass windows make for a bad match.

I am not completely sure, but I think these windows are old. Prague has been occupied, but it was largely spared the bombings that devastated so many of our old cities.

You see it. Prague looks older than, for instance, Vienna, and it has a density of sights that is far greater. Yes, from communist times you have a lot of unpleasant architecture at the outskirts, but at the center it is extremely beautiful. By contrast, in Vienna you have regions at the center that had been hastily rebuilt after the war, and the architecture used was cheap as well. But that’s how it is and that’s why we have to be thankful for being able to live in peace. I’m quite sure the people in Aleppo would have loved it as well.

Jun 062017

Is this Saint Vitus? I have no idea. He is certainly not Wenceslaus or Adalbert, the other two saints that this cathedral is dedicated to, but the attributes don’t fit to Vitus either.

On the other hand, this is the most impressive of saints in the ambulatory, the outer walk around the main altar, where everybody is lead through. Of course I could have listened to the countless guides, but I was busy photographing 🙂

Jun 052017

Oh this image! It took me at least 10 attempts to get a decently sharp image, but then, I have the best stabiliztion in the world, right? I can do 0.3s in no light at ISO 200 and an equivalent focal length of 80 mm, right?

Well, no 🙂 It would have been much better to let the camera go to ISO 1600 and get away with one quick shot. After all, there’s not a world of dynamic range in this images.

Jun 042017

One way out of the dilemma with crowded churches is always to point the camera up.

That’s what I did. You see, due to the many narrow, clear windows directly below the ceiling, the church is remarkably well lit. I’m pretty sure that the strong artificial sun in the apex woudn’t have been necessary at all.

Jun 032017

Saint Vitus Cathedral is not a particularly beautiful church. I mean, it’s big, it’s old, it’s impressive, but it is not all too different from other big gothic cathedrals.

Among the things that stand out are the beautiful windows.

Most of them seem to stem from the 19th and early 20th century, but nevertheless they are gorgeous. I’ve taken images of a few of them, and thanks to DxO I could even pull out some detail of the shadows, without cutting off any highlights and without drowning in noise.