Songs Of The Day 2008

Higher Ground” by Vanessa Williams (810 – Higher Ground)
That Don’t Make It Junk” by Leonard Cohen (809 – That Don’t Make It Junk)
“Look Down Off A Bridge” by Jay Leonhart (808 – Look Down Off A Bridge)
In Another Land” by The Rolling Stones (807 – In Another Land)
You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” by Bob Dylan and The Band (806 – You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere)
Coming Your Way” by Fleetwood Mac (805 – Coming Your Way)
Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” by John Lennon and Yoko Ono (804 – Happy Xmas (War Is Over))
Till The End Of The Day” by The Kinks (803 – Till The End Of The Day)
The Lure Of The Sea” by The Beautiful South (802 – The Lure Of The Sea)
“The Mountain-Sunset” by Jon Lord (801 – Mountain Sunset)
Water’s Edge” by Cyndi Lauper (800 – I Went To The Water’s Edge)
Imaginary Friend” by Catatonia (799 – Imaginary Friend)
Train Song” by Holly Cole (798 – Train Song)
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35” by Bob Dylan (797 – Rainy Day Woman)
La Pistola Y El Corazon” by Los Lobos (795 – Esta triste cancion)
Walking After Midnight” by Madeleine Peyroux (794 – Walking After Midnight II)
In The Bleak Midwinter” by Cyndi Lauper (793 – In The Bleak Midwinter)
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow” by The Manhattan Transfer (792 – Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow)
Out Of The Rain” by Patricia Kaas (791 – Out Of The Rain)
In The Darkest Place” by Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach (790 – In The Darkest Place)
The Weight” by The Band (789 – The Weight)
“Walking After Midnight” by The Cowboy Junkies (788 – Walking After Midnight)
Winter” by Tori Amos (787 – Winter)
Cloudburst” by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross (786 – Cloudburst)
“Cold Winter Blues” by Kokomo Arnold (785 – Cold Winter Blues)
Sunny Weather” by Lisa Ekdahl (784 – Sunny Weather)
Just A Friend Of Mine” by Vaya Con Dios (783 – Just A Friend Of Mine)
“Did They Really Care” by The Hudson Branch (782 – Did They Really Care?)
Such Unlikely Lovers” by Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach (781 – Piggy And The Frog In Love)
Fado Curvo” by Mariza (780 – Curvo)
The Night Comes On” by Leonard Cohen (779 – The Night Comes On II)
My! My! Time Flies!” by Enya (778 – My! My! Time Flies!)
Everything Is Broken” by Bob Dylan (777 – Everything Is Broken)
Artificial Flowers” by The Beautiful South (776 – Artificial Flowers II)
Long Distance Call” by David Gray (775 – Long Distance Call)
He’s Gone Away“by Charlie Haden, Family and Friends (774 – He’s Gone Away)
Trains And Winter Rains” by Enya (773 – Trains And Winter Rains)
“Mountain Hare Krishna” by Krishna Das (772 – Mountain Hare Krishna)
“And Winter Came” by Enya (771 – And Winter Came)
“Birdland” by Art of Brass Vienna (770 – Birdland)
“Where The Lazy River Goes By” by Roy Eldridge (769 – Where The Lazy River Goes By)
The River” by The Beautiful South (768 – The River)
“Frosty Morning Blues” by Bessie Smith (767 – Frosty Morning Blues I)
The Magnificent Tree” by Hooverphonic (766 – The Magnificent Tree)
Rest In Peace” by Stiltskin (765 – Rest In Peace)
Good Day Sunshine” by The Beatles (764 – Good Day Sunshine)
Danger” by Eric Clapton and J. J. Cale (763 – Danger)
I Can’t Stand the Rain” by The Commitments (762 – I Can’t Stand the Rain)
Good As Gold” by The Beautiful South (761 – Carry On Regardless)
Wild Things Run Fast” by Joni Mitchell (760 – Wild Things Run Fast)
Try Some, Buy Some” by David Bowie (759 – Try Some, Buy Some)
“Nutty” by Thelonious Monk (758 – Nutty)
“The Flame Will Never Die” by Beausoleil (757 – The Flame Will Never Die)
“The Waiting Game” by Roberta Flack (756 – The Waiting Game)
Ese Momento” by Mísia (755 – That Moment)
Caught Between” by Brian Eno (754 – Caught Between)
A Change Is Gonna Come” by Aretha Franklin (753 – A Change Is Gonna Come)
Solitude” by Nina Simone (752 – Solitude)
New Morning” by Bob Dylan (751 – New Morning)
5 Minutes” by The Stranglers (750 – Five Minutes)
“Slow Your Speed” by Jimmy Witherspoon (749 – Slow Your Speed)
Step It Up And Go” by Bob Dylan (748 – Step It Up And Go)
Stella By Starlight” by Anita O’Day (747 – Starlight)
Full Moon And Empty Arms” by Mina (746 – Full Moon And Empty Hearts)
We Belong Together” by Los Lobos (745 – We Belong Together)
The Cross” by The Blind Boys of Alabama (744 – The Cross)
This Is A Test” by Wendy James (743 – This Is A Test)
“Oh, How The Ghost Sings” by Lester Bowie (742 – Same To You)
Just Another Day” by Brian Eno (741 – Just Another Day On Earth)
Tell Me You’ll Wait For Me” by Ray Charles (740 – Tell Me You’ll Wait For Me)
Dirty Old Town” by The Pogues (739 – Dirty Old Town)
Map Of The Stars” by Melissa Etheridge (738 – Map Of The Stars)
Take Me Home Country Road” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole (737 – Take Me Home Country Road)
Dawn Is A Feeling” by The Moody Blues (736 – Dawn Is A Feeling)
A Place Aside” by Beth Orton (735 – A Place Aside)
Fall Like Rain” by Eric Clapton (734 – Fall Like Rain)
“Blue House” by Marcia Ball (733 – Blue House)
Happy Birthday” by Stevie Wonder (732 – Happy Birthday II)
“Pretty Flower in Your Backyard” by Leadbelly (731 – Pretty Flower in Your Backyard)
“The Garden” by Faithless (730 – The Garden Of The Faithless)
Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead” by Klaus Nomi (729 – The Witch Is Dead)
End Of The Day” by Beck (728 – At The End of the Day)
First Of The Gang To Die” by Morrissey (727 – The Gang)
City Of Gold” by The Dixie Hummingbirds (726 – City Of Gold)
Who By Fire” by Leonard Cohen (725 – Who By Fire)
Deep inside your Dreams” by Lisa Ekdahl (724 – Deep inside your Dreams)
The Morning Fog” by Kate Bush (723 – The Morning Fog III)
Saint James Infirmary” by Dr. John (722 – Saint James)
Autumn Leaves” by Nat King Cole (721 – Autumn Leaves)
Runnin’ Blue” by The Doors (720 – Runnin’ Blue)
I’ve Done It Again” by Aaron Neville (719 – I’ve Done It Again)
“Red Ribbon” by Mary Coughlan (718 – All Red And Green)
“Flametop Green” by Daniel Lanois (717 – Flametop Green)
The Last Rose of Summer” by Nina Simone (716 – The Last Rose of Summer)
Double Crossing Time” by John Mayall and Eric Clapton (715 – Double Crossing Time)
We Are Each Other” by The Beautiful South (714 – That’s How We Do What We Do)
When You Got A Good Friend” by Robert Johnson (713 – When You Got A Good Friend)
“Straight, No Chaser” by Thelonious Monk (712 – Straight, No Chaser)
Autumn’s Here” by Hawksley Workman (711 – Autumn’s Here)
Dirty From The Rain” by Giant Sand (710 – Dirty From The Rain)
When The Leaves Come Falling Down” by Van Morrison (709 – When The Leaves Come Falling Down)
Indian Summer” by The Doors (708 – Indian Summer)
“Posthorn Serenade” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (707 – When The Postman Comes)
Carry That Weight” by Peter Breiner and His Chamber Orchestra (706 – Carry That Weight II)
The Way You Look Tonight” by Bryan Ferry (705 – The Way You Look Tonight)
It’s In The Rain” by Enya (704 – It’s In The Rain)
“Why So Complicated?” by Omar Sosa (703 – Complicated Relations)
“Sugar Maples” by Clarence Bucaro (702 – Looking Down From The Balcony)
Early Autumn” by Ella Fitzgerald (701 – Early Autumn)
Angels” by David Byrne (700 – Watching The Angels Watch)
Summer’s Almost Gone” by The Doors (699 – Summer’s Almost Gone II)
The Democratic Circus” by The Talking Heads (698 – The Democratic Circus)
These Are Days” by The 10000 Maniacs (697 – These Are The Days)
Old Red Eyes Is Back” by The Beautiful South (696 – Back To The City)
Way To End The Day” by Giant Sand (695 – Always A Way)
Don’t Fence Me In” by David Byrne (694 – Don’t Fence Me In)
The Morning Fog” by Kate Bush (693 – The Morning Fog II)
Factory” by Bruce Springsteen (692 – The Factory)
Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)” by Jimi Hendrix (691 – Electric Ladyland VIII)
“I Ate Up The Apple Tree” by Dr. John (690 – Flowers and Apples)
Sweet And Lovely” by Bryan Ferry (689 – Janine)
“Struggle” by Apocalyptica (688 – What Can You Do With A Hanger?)
Fields of Gold” by Sting and I Muvrini (687 – Goldengreen)
Guardian Angel” by Lou Reed (686 – Guardian Angel)
“When The Sun Sets Down South” by Sidney Bechet (685 – When The Sun Sets)
Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)” by Jimi Hendrix (684 – Electric Ladyland VII)
Little Boy Blue” by Holly Cole (682 – Little Boy Blue)
The Meaning Of Life” by Monty Python (681 – The Meaning Of Life)
Two Of A Kind” by Memphis Slim (680 – Two Of A Kind)
All The Tired Horses” by Bob Dylan (679 – All The Tired Horses)
Sit Down” by James (678 – Sit Down)
A Stranger In Town” by Dinah Washington (677 – A Stranger In Town)
Mother Stands For Comfort” by Kate Bush (676 – Mother Stands For Comfort)
“Dexter Rides Again” by Dexter Gordon (675 – Dexter Rides Again)
From A Distance” by Bette Midler (674 – From A Distance)
De Colores” by Joan Baez (673 – De Colores)
“Only Pretty, What A Pity” by The Lovin’ Spoonful (672 – Only Pretty, What A Pity)
Cry Me A River” by Barbra Streisand (671 – Now You Say You’re Sorry)
The Letter Home” by Elvis Costello & The Brodsky Quartet (670 – The Letter Home)
The Night Comes On” by Leonard Cohen (669 – The Night Comes On)
Hello Sunshine” by Aretha Franklin (668 – Hello Sunshine)
Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)” by Jimi Hendrix (629 – Electric Ladyland VI)
Ride My Llama” by Neil Young (666 – The Number Of The Beast)
With A Little Help From My Friends” by The Beatles (665 – With A Little Help From My Friends)
So Long” by Sophie Zelmani (664 – So Long)
Everybody’s Talkin’” by The Beautiful South (663 – Everybody’s Talkin’)
Easy Living” by Bryan Ferry (662 – Easy Living)
You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)” by Bruce Springsteen (661 – You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch))
Pleasantly Blue” by The 4 Non Blondes (660 – Pleasantly Blue)
“Out To Lunch” by Eric Dolphy (659 – Out To Lunch)
Girls On My Mind” by David Byrne (658 – Girls On My Mind)
Here We Go Again” by Norah Jones and Ray Charles (657 – Here We Go Again)
Bomba O Non Bomba” by Antonello Venditti (656 – Bomba O Non Bomba)
Lonely Avenue” by Ray Charles (655 – On A Lonely Avenue)
Don’t Wait Too Long” by Madeleine Peyroux (654 – Don’t Wait Too Long)
Too Marvelous for Words” by Oscar Peterson (653 – Too Marvelous for Words)
Over The Hills And Far Away” by Led Zeppelin (652 – Over The Hills And Far Away)
Night Train” by Rickie Lee Jones (651 – Night At The Station)
True Love Tends to Forget” by Bob Dylan (650 – True Love Tends to Forget)
Last Night Was a Big Rain” by Sara Hickman (649 – Big Rain Tonight)
Inbetweenies” by Ian Dury & The Blockheads (648 – Inbetweenies)
Out In The Street” by Bruce Springsteen (647 – Out In The Street)
Harleys & Indians (Riders In The Sky)” by Roxette (646 – Harley Heaven)
The Price You Pay” by Bruce Springsteen (645 – The Price You Pay)
She Is Still A Mystery” by The Lovin’ Spoonful (644 – She Is Still A Mystery)
“Steppin’ Out” by John Mayall and Eric Clapton (642 – Steppin’ Out)
Series of Dreams” by Bob Dylan (641 – Series Of Dreams)
One More Night” by Bob Dylan (640 – One More Night)
Midnight Riders” by Patti Smith (639 – Midnight Riders)
I had A Dream” by Ray Charles (638 – In The Grove)
Painted From Memory” by Elvis Costello (637 – Painted From Memory)
All Day and All of the Night” by The Kinks (636 – All Day and All of the Night)
Out Of Time” by The Rolling Stones (635 – Out Of Time)
With My Eyes Wide Open I’m Dreaming” by Natalie Cole (634 – With My Eyes Wide Open I’m Dreaming)
Undecided” by Natalie Cole (633 – Undecided)
Ball and Biscuit” by The White Stripes (632 – Ball and Biscuit)
Summertime” by Helen Merrill (631 – Summertime II)
Lucky Man” by Emerson, Lake & Palmer (630 – Oooh, What A Lucky Man I Was)
Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)” by Jimi Hendrix (629 – Electric Ladyland V)
I’m Waiting For The Man” by The Velvet Underground (628 – I’m Waiting For The Man)
Joseph” by Georges Moustaki (627 – Mon Vieux Joseph)
Gotta Travel On” Bob Dylan (626 – Gotta Travel On)
Who Cares” by Anita O’Day (625 – Who Cares?)
“It’s OK to Listen to the Gray Voice” by Jan Garbarek (624 – It’s OK To Listen To The Gray Voice)
High Summer” by Van Morrison (623 – High Summer)
Stormy Weather” by Ethel Waters (622 – Stormy Weather)
Right Place Wrong Time” by Dr. John (621 – Right Place Wrong Time)
“In Heaven She Walks” by The Stranglers (620 – In Heaven She Walks)
“Lazy Afternoon” by Holly Cole (619 – An Afternoon Walk)
Not Fade Away” by The Rolling Stones (617 – Fading Memories)
The Water” by Feist (616 – The Water)
The Light” by The Stranglers (615 – The Light)
Rattlesnake Shake” by Fleetwood Mac (614 – Rattlesnake Shake)
Shiny Things” by Tom Waits (613 – Shiny Things)
Private Goes Public” by Suzanne Vega (612 – Private Goes Public)
Late Show” by Laurie Anderson (611 – SoFoBoMo – Late But Done)
Near To You” by Nina Simone (610 – Near To You)
“Machines R Us” by Faithless (609 – Machines R Us)
On The Street Where You Live” by Mel Tormé (608 – On The Street Where You Live)
Let There Be More Light” by Pink Floyd (607 – Let There Be More Light)
Fado Português De Nós” by Mariza (606 – Made In Portugal)
One More Round” by Bette Midler (605 – One More Round)
“Hiding In The Shadows” by The Peter Green Splinter Group (604 – Hiding In The Shadows)
Garden Of Earthly Delights” by XTC (603 – The Garden Of Earthly Delights)
The Day That Jackie Jumped The Jail” by Deacon Blue (602 – The Day That Jackie Jumped The Jail)
Rainy Day in June” by The Kinks (601 – Rainy Day in June)
My Days Are Numbered” by Blood, Sweat & Tears (600 – My Days Are Numbered)
“Meet Me Around The Corner” by Big Joe Williams (599 – Corners I)
In The End” by The Stranglers (598 – In The End)
A Hard Day’s Night” by The Beatles (597 – SoFoBoMo – A Hard Day’s Night)
Funny How Time Slips Away” by Bryan Ferry (596 – SoFoBoMo – Funny How Time Slips Away)
Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey” by The Beatles (595 – Junk: Everybody’s Got Something To Hide)
Warning” by Green Day (594 – Warning: Junk Ahead)
A Thousand Kisses Deep” by Leonard Cohen (593 – Controversy)
My Eye On You” by Bette Midler (592 – My Eye On You)
“Somebody Changed The Lock” by Dr. John (591 – Somebody Changed The Lock To My Door)
Thru And Thru” by The Rolling Stones (590 – Thru And Thru)
Vanishing Act” by Lou Reed (589 – The Vanishing Act)
Pretty” by The Beautiful South (588 – SoFoBoMo – Progressing Pretty Well)
I May Be Wrong, But I Won’t Be Wrong Always” by Ten Years After (587 – The Tower)
Daybreak” by Lisa Ekdahl (586 – SoFoBoMo – Editing Till Daybreak)
“Rainy Tuesday” by Alexis Korner (585 – SoFoBoMo – No Progress On A Rainy Tuesday)
Slow Down” by India Arie (584 – SoFoBoMo – Slow Down)
It Feels Like Rain” by Aaron Neville (583 – SoFoBoMo – Processing On A Rainy Day)
The First Attack” by The Proclaimers (582 – SoFoBoMo – The First Attack)
At Last” by Mary Coughlan (581 – SoFoBoMo At Last)
Two of Us” by The Beatles (580 – Two of Us)
The Cutter” by Echo & The Bunnymen (579 – Boulevard Of Dreams)
Twisted” by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross (578 – Twisted)
“The Longest Summer” by Pat Metheny (577 – The First Day Of Summer)
All The World Is Green” by Tom Waits (576 – All The World Is Green)
Ray Of Light” by Madonna (575 – A Ray Of Light)
“Light Out Of Darkness” by Shirley Horn (574 – Light Out Of Darkness)
Marlene On The Wall” by Suzanne Vega (573 – The Bicycle And The Wall)
As I Went Out One Morning” by Bob Dylan (572 – As I Went Out One Morning)
Them There Eyes” by Anita O’Day (571 – Them There Eyes II)
Coles Corner” by Richard Hawley (570 – At The Corner)
My Book” by The Beautiful South (569 – My Book)
Children’s Story” by Tom Waits (568 – In Children’s Stories)
Time And Time Again” by The Counting Crows (567 – Time And Time Again)
Wild Mountainside” by Eddi Reader (566 – Wild Mountainside)
17 Again” by The Eurythmics (565 – Miss By One)
I’m Old Fashioned” by Ella Fitzgerald (564 – I’m Old Fashioned)
The Sun Died” by Betty Carter (563 – The Sun Died)
Bugs” by Lambchop (562 – A Grumpy Old Bug)
How Many Worlds” by Brian Eno (561 – How Many Worlds)
In The Forest” by The Coral (560 – The Magic Castle)
Soundtrack to “Le Roi Danse” by Jean-Baptiste Lully (559 – Obeisance)
Good To Be Back” by Natalie Cole (558 – Good To Be Back)
Sara” by Antonello Venditti (557 – Sarah)
Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens (556 – Morning Has Broken)
“Every Dog Has Its Day” by Willy DeVille (555 – Every Dog Has Its Day)
Tenderly” by Billie Holiday (554 – Tenderly)
“Straight Up And Down” by Eric Dolphy (“553 – Straight Up And Down“)
Take A Ride” by Hazel O’Connor (552 – Take A Ride)
Recordare” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (551 – Recordare)
Beautiful Surprise” by India Arie (550 – Beautiful Surprise)
Lilac Wine” by Nina Simone (549 – Lilac Wine)
Part Of The Machine” by Jethro Tull (548 – Part Of The Machine)
“These Ain’t Raindrops” by Percy Sledge (547 – These Ain’t Raindrops)
Gli altri siamo noi” by Umberto Tozzi (546 – Gli altri siamo noi)
He Likes The Sun” by Tanita Tikaram (545 – He Likes The Sun)
You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by The Rolling Stones (544 – You Can’t Always Get What You Want)
Jokerman” by Bob Dylan (543 – Jokerman)
Take A Bow” by Madonna (542 – The Show Is Over, Say Good-Bye)
Helpless” by Patti Smith (541 – Helpless)
Lumberjack Song” by Monty Python (540 – I’m A Lumberjack, And I’m Okay)
Heading For The Light” by The Traveling Wilburys (539 – Heading For the Light)
This House Is Empty Now” by Anne Sofie von Otter / Elvis Costello (538 – This House Is Empty Now)
Donegan’s Gone” by Mark Knopfler (536 – Donegan’s Gone)
And When I Die” by Blood, Sweat & Tears (535 – And When I Die)
“My Way” by Mnozil Brass (534 – The Red Bench II)
On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever)” by Barbra Streisand (533 – On A Clear Day You Can See Forever)
In Another Land” by The Rolling Stones (532 – In Another Land)
We’re All Mad Here” by Tom Waits (531 – We’re All Mad Here)
“There In A Dream” by Charlie Haden’s Quartet West (530 – There In A Dream)
This Moment” by Melissa Etheridge (529 – These Moments Of Beauty)
Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)” by Jimi Hendrix (528- Electric Ladyland IV)
Meet Me In The Dark” by Melissa Etheridge (527 – Meet Me In The Dark)
Black And White World” by Elvis Costello & The Attractions (526 – Black And White World)
Too Much Of Nothing” by Bob Dylan & The Band (525 – Too Much Of Nothing)
For You Blue” by The Beatles (524 – For You Blue)
Pink Thing” bx XTC (523 – Pink Thing)
“Wartime Prayer” by Clarence Bucaro (522 – War No More, War No More)
Stories Of The Street” by Leonard Cohen (521 – Stories Of The Street)
“Dark Clouds” by Mary Coughlan (520 – Dark Clouds)
This Place” by Joni Mitchell (519 – This Place)
Lean On Me” by The Housemartins (518 – Heavy Burden On Your Shoulder)
Primavera” by Mariza (517 – La Primavera)
Early Mornin’ Rain” by Bob Dylan (516 – Early Mornin’ Rain)
Down Here Below” by Steve Earle (515 – Down Here Below)
Let’s Push Things Forward” by The Streets (514 – Let’s Push Things Forward)
“Slow Down” by Anita O’Day and Gene Krupa (513 – Slow Down)
The River Sings” by Enya (512 – The River Sings)
Gasoline Alley” by Rod Stewart (511 – Gasoline Alley)
Build” by The Housemartins (510 – Build a House Where We Can Stay)
Higher & Higher (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me)” by Bette Midler (509 – Higher & Higher)
“Very Very Simple” by Carla Bley (508 – Very Very Simple)
Leafy Mysteries” by Paul Weller (507 – Leafy Mysteries)
Sunday Morning” by The Velvet Underground (506 – Drama on Sunday Morning)
Sailing” by Rod Stewart (505 – Sailing)
The Power Of Orange Knickers” by Tori Amos (504 – The Power of Orange)
Any Old Iron” by Peter Sellers (503 – Any Old Iron)
Frivolous Tonight” by XTC (502 – Frivolous Tonight)
Ain’t No Big Thing” by John Lee Hooker (501 – Ain’t No Big Thing)
The Half Of It Dearie Blues” by Ella Fitzgerald (500 – The Half Of It, Dearie)
World Outside Your Window” by Tanita Tikaram (499 – The World Outside My Window)
Where The Wild Roses Grow” by Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue (498 – Where The Wild Roses Grow)
Stop That Train” by Jerry Garcia Band (497 – Stop That Train)
Watching You” by Melissa Etheridge (496 – Watching You)
Time Marches On” by Dr. John (495 – Time Marches On)
On Every Street” by Dire Straits (494 – On Every Street)
Respectable Street” by XTC (493 – Respectable Street)
Treat Me Rough” by Ella Fitzgerald (492 – Roughly About Sundown)
Just In Time” by Nina Simone (491 – Just In Time)
Shopping Trolley” by Beth Orton (490 – After Closing Time)
Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)” by Jimi Hendrix (489- Electric Ladyland III)
“Beyond Time” by Apocalyptica (488 – Beyond Time)
Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)” by Jimi Hendrix (487- Electric Ladyland II)
Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)” by Jimi Hendrix (486 – Electric Ladyland)
“The Sea Calls” by Richard Hawley (485 – The Sea Calls)
A Soft Seduction” by David Byrne (484 – A Soft Seduction)
Dead And Lovely” by Tom Waits (483 – Dead And Lovely)
Waiting For A Miracle” by Jerry Garcia Band (482 – Waiting (for a Miracle??))
Hour Of Need” by Faithless (481 – Hour Of Need)
Cold Cold Ground” from Tom Waits (480 – Cold Cold Ground)
Time” by Tom Waits (479 – Time)
Sometimes In Winter” by Blood, Sweat & Tears (478 – Sometimes In Winter)
“Low Expectations” by Edwyn Collins (477 – Low Expectations)
Do It Clean” by Echo & the Bunnymen (476 – Do It Clean)
Up with People” by Lambchop (475 – Up with People)
Pressing On” by Bob Dylan (474 – Pressing On)
Big Yellow Taxi (2007)” by Joni Mitchell (473 – Big Yellow … What???)
“In Circles” by Einstürzende Neubauten (472 – In Circles)
Something Cool” by Holly Cole (471 – Something Cool)
This Must Be The Place” by The Talking Heads (470 – This Is The Place)
Just Can’t Last” by Natalie Merchant (469 – Just Can’t Last)
Wild Wood” by Paul Weller (468 – Wild Wood)
Postcards” by Faithless (467 – Postcards, My Take)
Moonlight” by Bob Dylan (466 – Out In The Moonlight Alone)
Morning Glory” by Leonard Cohen (465 – Oh The Morning Glory!)
He’s A Runner” by Blood, Sweat & Tear (464 – He’s A Runner)
Short” by Lambchop (463 – At The End Of A Short Day)
“Congeniality” by Ornette Coleman (462 – Congeniality)
“Glass Houses” by Hazel O’Connor (461 – Glass Houses)
Fullhouse” by Kate Bush (460 – Artful? Nope, Art-Full)
“How Come My Dog Don’t Bark When You Come Around” by Dr. John (459 – How Come My Dog Don’t Bark When You Come Around)
The Long And Winding Road” by The Beatles (458 – The Long And Winding Road)
Voodoo” by Chris Isaak (457 – The Voodoo Shack)
“La vida es rosa” by Ana Salazar (456 – La vida es rosa)
“Baby, Why not” by Marcia Ball (455 – Baby, Why not)
Walking The Dog” by The Rolling Stones (454 – Walking The Dog)
“I Don’t Want To Play In Your Yard” by Mary Coughlan (453 – Urban Playgrounds)
The Other Side of This Life” by David Byrne (452 – The Other Side of This Life)
Tell Me When My Light Turns Green” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners (451 – Tell Me When My Light Turns Green)
Freezing” by Philip Glass and Linda Ronstadt (450 – Freezing)
Cold & Wet” by Bonnie “Prince” Billy (449 – Cold & Wet)
Down In The Hole” by The Rolling Stones (448 – Down In The Hole)
Love 2 The 9’s” by Prince (447 – Love 2 The 9’s)
Hide Away” by Mick Jagger (446 – Hide Away)
Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia (445 – Torn, Battered, Still Standing)

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